Thursday, 1 May 2008

For everything a reason....

OMFG! My first nasty comment on this blog. All comments I receive I have to personally decide to publish so was in two minds as to whether I should. I could have deleted the one I got from "Anonymous" yesterday but I really do feel that everyone's entitled to their opinions. Also, I found it highly amusing that they didn't think to spell check their abusive comment and also that he/she thinks my blog is an "UNFUNNY VERSION OF SEX AND THE CITY" which would suggest that "Anonymous" thinks that Sex and the City is indeed funny. Of course we'd never agree on anything.

I felt strangely excited when I read it though. I tried to work out who it might be from, but most of the people I know have basic grammatical skills and can spell, so I've ruled out that it's someone I know well. BUT, that's not to say I don't know of them. I find that prospect exciting (and hope it's the case, cause that means its definitely someone who is all jealous and stuff and wish they were me) and this in turn propels me into writing MUCH more frequently.

So today is voting day in London for a new Mr Mayor (I hope). Unlike other Mayor's across the country who's main tasks are to open libraries and shops, the one for London is actually accountable for how the city is run on many levels. I for one do not wish for a Mayor who sounds like 'Chris Rabbit' from Henry's Cat but we shall see.

Nearly time for bank holiday weekend and I have lots planned, seeing family girlfriends AND the guy I went out with on Monday. He texted me no less than two days later to see if I wanted to meet again. Now did he two day rule me? I'm so out of touch. I think he did. Anyway we're going out on Monday which I'm looking forward to.

So today I had a 'moment' at London Bridge. Many years ago I would travel into London Bridge station to get to my job and I would ride the train with my then partner. I remember we would stand at the end of the platform smoking miserably both in our own worlds before we were forced to brave the tube. I distinctly remember feeling extra shit and thinking the old chestnut "Is this all there is? There must be more to life". Then, with a heavy heart I'd sigh and head off to the tube.

I worked at Interim Technology Training, which was an IT training company in Green Park and whilst the women there were great (most of which I am still very good friends with today) the job itself was depressing and repetitive. Today I got a train into London Bridge and walked to the end of the platform and stood there for a bit and tried to see if I felt as shit as I had back then. I didn't. I can only presume this is a good thing. I put on my IPOD then and Ian Brown's F.E.A.R was playing.....I took this as a sign of something positive, but I dunno what.

In other news, the trip to Australia has become even more exciting. I got back in touch with a friend of mine who lives in Singapore, so on the way to Oz we're going to stop off and stay with her for a bit. After which we fly to Melbourne for a few days, then fly to Adelaide, then fly to Sydney to travel up the East Coast. Then (wee wee wee) fly all the way home. I can't f*cking wait.


Nick said...

Well, I love your blog so ignore any negative comments! Plus I am loyal apparenrly. ;-)


Leanne Diggins said...

But you can't spell apparently! Was it YOU?? Haaha x

nick said...

Damn. Now yew no it was me.

I am doing too many things at once and bad spelling crept in. I may never comment again...

Nick goes off to sulk like a big baldie baby.