Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I'm your poppet. I love it.

Jolly weekend indeed! Avenue Q on friday was so very good. I did much laughing but also thinking, I would so recommend this cause its great on many levels. Saturday was chore day and then meeting an old friend from years ago, my ex ex ex's mum. It was great to see her again and catch up on the latest goings on. Also, the anxiety issue that I have, she's also had something similar and it's nice to swap stories with people that actually "get it". On the way to meeting her I got chatting to a girl on the train who was on her way to a 'first date' which she'd bagged off of "My Single Friend" website. I'm thinking of giving that one a go now as I've had several recommendations on this site. It was nice talking to a stranger, always renews my faith in London.

Later on, I headed straight to the first of two parties. It was my mate James's birthday and it dawned on me as I headed on down there that I wouldn't know that many people. It turned out all ok though thanks to the crowd being so lovely along with the wine. I had many a debate about The Apprentice. God people don't 'alf hate Alex eh? I think he's a nob but he is SO pretty. *sigh* I didn't end up leaving there until 10pm upon which I jumped in a cab to my next party in Farringdon.

By the time I got there I was pretty drunk and went off on a rampage because loads of old pals were present. I remember suggesting marriage to an old friend of mine to which he agreed! That's settled then I thought. Suddenly it was the next day and I was at my mate Leon's house on the sofa. I tapped Steve who was on the floor demanding to know how I ended up in Chislehurst. Turns out, my nice friends were concerned for me heading back alone. I think this might have had something to do with me snogging a GIRL (what the?), and then when not being allowed back into the party by the (I assume) homophobic bouncer, arguing my "gay rights" in a highly indignant manner- they thought it was time to go. Probably right.

So that was fun. Sunday we went for a fry up and then Katie picked me up and we went for a catch up... Later on I went for a sunbathe in the garden and it was so sweet cause Timmy my little cat came and sunbathed next to me.


When my mum and dad took me home we got caught in a huge traffic jam which promoted anger from all sides. I decided to lighten the mood by pointing out that this time together in the confined space of the car could be used for a bonding session. We sang "Islands in the stream" and other such MAGIC FM classics. Thank god they didn't play "Zoom" by Fat Larry. I hate that one.

When I got home I'd been inundated with DATING requests from the site I'm on. The latest one is only 24 but very pretty. We had lots of emails and then I sort of went off him cause he asked me what my heritage was. Needless to say I'm still meeting with him next week. Eyes on the Prize Leanne, eyes on the prize.

I'm finally going to get to watch Galdiators tonight, one of my team kindly recorded this and its been flying round MTV like wild fire. My turn tonight! I'm looking forward to seeing "Battleaxe" I've heard she's a right moose.

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