Wednesday, 21 May 2008

But love recently chose the right time for Lucy.

OK Madonna, time to call it a day yeah? It's getting embarrassing now.

If you've seen the latest video starring Madonna and Justin Timberlake you'll know what I mean. It's not so much the girating they do up against one another, its the bits where Madonna appears to be making "Word" symbol whilst bobbing in front of the camera - as in, "whaddup word" Not sure of what context most homeys use this in, but when Madonna does the "word" thing she just looks like an embarrassing mum doing Dad dancing. That's right.

I wish I looked like her though - and she's 50. :-(

Another one that needs to turn it in is that bloody Alice Von doo daa woman off London Lite's single girl about town column. She is AWFUL. I think I might hate her. Her article this week consisted of her talking about her stupid boyfriend catching her slobbing about in her "tracky pants" (Cringe) by requesting to speak to her via web-cam. YAWN. "Tracky Pants" has just gone on my list of awful words. Bring back big chin, thats what I say at least she was funny.
(For those of you who have no idea what I am referring to, the London Lite is a newspaper which is for the cosmopolitan predominantly female reader about town. The section is supposed to be about a single "girl about town" who is wearing a see through dress. She drones on about her boyfriend called GI James and pretends to be with it and cool. GET RID.)

So my sofa is FINALLY coming tomorrow 16 weeks late! See here for the bare faced lies that the poxy sales man told me when I purchased it. STUPID NOBS.

I seem a bit cranky today don't I? Well I'm not, I feel quite jolly infact. I think its because I'm in love (as briefly mentioned in yesterday's bullet point blog). Tiz my dentist who is the man of my dreams. I have been going to see him for a little under a year and always recognised his very handsome face, but looks don't do it for me (see my track record for evidence of this) tiz personality that counts (don't see my track record for evidence of this) and as I have continued to see him as my teeth are so rotten, I have grown to become healthily obsessed with him. Unfortunately, now my teeth are in pristine condition and I shan't see my love for 6 whole months. When I lie on the chair thing I can't actually look him in the eye because I go bright red and start shaking. Its the angle I look up at him from - makes me do a massive cherry. He, is beautiful. I'm happy to think of just him for a whole six months. Until next time sweet dentist man, until next time.

So! I have an action packed next few days ahead of me. Tomorrow I am seeing Mrs Hevver, and then friday Mr Okse comes to visit catface manor. We're doing podcast stuff, I want to make my own jingles as well for my radio show. And then SATURDAY I am going to my friends 30th. This is in the form of a festival. We have a field in Oxford which we shall be camping out in all weekend and in general have loads of fun. I expect to take my camera and then post up on facebook me and my friends having an hilarious time being all quirky and festival-ness. I plan to label all pictures with funny captions and I'm HOPING for rain so we can go "Oh no, thats all we need tch!" etc etc.

Then its Bank Holiday Monday and I do not plan to spend it like last time. Holed up in bed, unable to move for fear that my head would explode. Stoopid hangover. Nope monday I am meeting my mates Andrew and James to discuss this whole comedy thing.

And finally, I hope you're ok.


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Louisa said...

I am soo with you in regards to no hangovers!! that was awful last and I shan't be repeating it!!