Friday, 2 May 2008

Love me or hate me, its still an obsession..,,

SO! I met a good friend last night (Louisa) and we headed down to London Bridge for some drinks and a good catch up. Louisa is such a good pal, I've known her since I was eight! I love London Bridge bars as well cause I feel just like BRIDGET JONES when I'm in them, which is of course dear reader who I aspire to be. Yeh.....
I'm so glad its the bank holiday weekend. I have much planned, drinks with friends and dinner on Sunday and a date with a rather nice man on Monday along the Southbank. Back to work Tuesday though which SUX.

I don't have AMAZING amounts of things to discuss today cause I'm well busy at work. However, I received another comment from Anonymous today which I rejected because it's contents bordered on malicious (and it had not a scrap of humour in it).

It was concerning my ex-boyfriend Gareth and a bit below the belt. One thing this tells me is, it's someone that we both may know of which is genuinely a big shame. Jealousy is a very ugly trait. It also says that this person can't hate my blog that much if they came back for more. Never the less, If Anonymous posts a comment again it will be deleted without being read. Thanks though, you have made my week marginally more interesting. :-)

Have a great weekend!

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Louisa said...

Hello there - had a lovely evening too Leanne and felt pretty darn drunk by the time I got back to E Dulwich haha.. so looking fwd to the weekend, especially your lamb special - yummy!!

Anyway - just wanted to say carry on being you cathead and continue to not let the "unhappy" people of this world get you down xx