Monday, 26 May 2008

Threw your lego in the lake whatcha wanna go do that for?

Ah what a nice weekend! Firstly, Okse came to visit on Friday night to teach me how to use my podcast studio. It was pretty successful - we recorded some stuff and had a good laugh. I liked the bit when he was showing me where his podcast was hosted. I asked how many hits it got....when he logged in he noticed that two new comments needed to be moderated. "Ah!" Okse exclaimed, "Tch ANOTHER two comments to moderate...SIGH..." And he set about moderating them. The first one said "I can't believe I listened to that CACK." Haahaaahhaaaa how we laughed. So that was jolly.

On the saturday I was due to go to Lavisfest which was my mate's 30th birthday party. It was very cool. We'd all chipped in £15 each and her friend, Lucinda had lent us her dad's field in Oxford. With the money we got portable loo's, a marquee, a stage, a pa system and decks, a bouncy castle, hot dog stand, etc etc just like a proper festival. It were ace I have to say. I've never gone to a festival before and I felt all cool and with it.

We held our own talent contest and I MC'd. I had a really good gig. Bearing in mind I only knew about 8 people there, there were around 100 people altogether so I was actually quite nervous as it was set up so properly so I was well pleased. Here are some photys.

Great days!
The next morning it chucked it down and suddenly camping turned evil. I also lost my voice from shouting so much, & have since been holed up in my flat relaxing. All in all a top weekend though. Work tomorrow though BOO.

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Katie Fraser said...

Ha! Ha! Loved the pictures of your mate's party in Lavisfest! Sounded great to have your own festival, glad it was fun, but yeah I agree camping is evil, you just have to know what you you are doing, if you are a seasoned camper and know it all by hear then you are fine but camping is evil if you havent done it before!

If you thought your camping was bad, you should have seen me then dressed in several layers, and in freezing cold tempertaures doing my Duke of Edinburgh's bronze award, that wasnt a pretty sight I can tell you! Ewww! I was glad of the cup of tea next morning which stopped my body and teeth from chattering!