Friday, 29 August 2008

I guess they still don't understand... and they can never understand.

David died. I knew there was something wrong a couple of days ago, his back fins seem to curl inwards and the fin on his back wasn't upright and perky like Peter's. The thing is he was half alive for a while so I put him in a jug with part fish bowl water and part tap water incase there were some toxins in the bowl water. Didn't do anygood, he just sat at the bottom of the jug breathing shallowly. In the end he didn't breathe anymore so I flushed him down the toilet. RIP DAVID.

I'm going to leave Peter to have some time alone and then I'll introduce another fish into the fold. Fish are WELL hard to look after :-(.

On wednesday as previously mentioned the "awesome foursome" were reunited at Cheryl's house. I asked them if they had snogged red coats at 13 and they both said no. Phew. Must've conjured it up in my strange little head then. Cheryl found a box of letters from us lot that we used to send when we were little. There was a WELL sweet one from me to Cheryl explaining how her little mousie had died whilst it had been in my care. I typed up the letter and everything! I told her that he'd been buried in my back garden and that my dad had made a cross to put on the grave. Ah bless me and all that sail in me.

When I got back from Cheryl's I was quite drunk and FULL of love. I told my dad that I loved both my parents VERY MUCH. I cringe when I get like that. It's not that I don't mean it, its just so over the top.

I had a dream last night that me and Mark Corrigan were almost in a relationship. His eyes were even more weird than in real life - one stared off into a different direction. He'd been in an accident apparently but we still loved each other, but only a bit.

This morning on my way to work I could hear a doggie barking from what appeared to be a car. So I thought I'd have a quick look into the car to see what type of dog it was and there was NO DOG in the car. But then the dog barked again and I'd swear that it was coming from the car BOOT. So I had my ear to the bloody boot of this random car and this passer-by was like "what are you doing?"

So I got them to put their ear to the boot of the car and we were really confused as to whether the bark was actually coming back from there. So then I went into a nearby office and interrupted everyone working demanding to know who's car this was. They said it was none of there's. So I said "Yeah? Well I have reason to believe there's a dog in the boot of it - so what do you say to that?" So then a lady came running out with me (she must be an animal lover like me) and we both put our ear's to the car and we couldn't hear anything. Then I went and asked a nearby builder if they knew of any nearby dogs and they said there's one over there. hahaa. And that's where the barking was coming from. ARF.

Tomorrow I'm off to Marrakesh with work. Its apparently 97 out there at the moment. YAY and BOO all at the same time.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I can go for miles if you know what I mean.

I'm so excited about my 30th birthday party and plans are in full swing. Guests are coming forth in abundance to get involved with the Dance Off. In past years its been really difficult to get two teams of eight, guests preferring instead to stand around the edge clapping and cheering. BUT! This year its been manic with people clamoring to get involved. So happy about that. I've just spent a long time collating a list of amazing songs to be intermingled with my two MTV DJ's choices.

The Dance Off although just for fun is pretty organised, with a stop clock man, whistle blower, compere AND judges. Sounds heavy eh? But its not tiz just a good larf. There's a bit of a super sweet 30th theme going on with a special performance from me and my backing dancers to welcome everyone to the event of the decade. It has to be special cause its a 30th though eh. Will be cool for everyone I reckon cause I've lots of different friends from different walks of life so it'll be nice for them to meet new people and maybe find some new friends too.

My boiler problem is still on going. Saturday morning at 4am a MASSIVE alarm went off at my house for an HOUR. It was so loud it woke up the neighbours. Basically BAD BREATH BOILER BELL-END didn't fix the problem after all, so when my hot water kicked in early morning there was no water going into the cylinder so the alarm went off. I was sooo over-tired I was doing all crying and stuff, it was awful. Then of course it was bank holiday so couldn't get anyone out. Trauma trauma trauma.

On a happier note I then went to see my Neffyou, and he was extra extra sweet. I must admit I felt a bit saddy wondering if I would ever have a babba of my own. Its not that I actually want one, its just the fact that at present I would have to be impregnated by the lord himself as a lad being on the cards appears to be out of the question.

I think my family think I'm weird cause we were talking about my cooking skills and how top notch they are and my dad said "Well you know what they say Leanne, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" so I said "That's right, the way to a man's heart is with a big sharp knife." And everyone looked at me genuinely stunned. They properly looked scared. I was only joking sort of.

I just had an email from a friend of mine asking this:

Subject: MEN
Ladies - I need you to get your little black books out. We need HOT HOT STRAIGHT guys, to help out on a pilot. They can be quirky, or models, or body builders but they must be phwaor. Do you know any???
Its a non broadcast pilot and of course they must be single.

help. xx

HAHAHAHAHA HOOOO HOOO HOOO! Thats a good one. If I knew of any hot single guys do you really think I would be sat here typing this blog? Of course not. I'd be busy pursuing them to make them marry me.
Oh that's SUCH a good one! Get out my little black book! HAHAH! Do I know of any PHWAOR men. HAHAAHAH! Very good. Liked that one.

Tonight I'm going to a dinner party with three girlfriends from my old school. Since we were 13 we used to call ourselves the awesome foursome. It dates back to when we went to Butlins as the AWESOME FOURSOME and I remember we had such fun. Julia and Cheryl were more of the dare devils of the group, on the last night, sneaking out after curfew.... They stuffed their beds with clothes to look like humans AND cut their hair and stuffed it out the top of their bedspreads. It was worth it apparently cause they got snogs from redcoats. Surely that can't be right, they were THIRTEEN. I'm going to double check that fact tonight.

I met a boy called Lee on that holiday who was 16! That's pretty cool for a 13 year old. Wish I still had that pull now. (obviously not for 16 year olds, although they are technically legal aren't they...)

GUROSS. I've changed.

Going on a secret trip this saturday for work for our away weekend. Obviously I know where we're going (as do some of the staff now) but I shan't disclose until our return. All I'll say is its a 3.5 hour flight and its HOT HOT HOT. Looking forward to it lots.

K bye for now.

Friday, 22 August 2008

If every man says all he can, if every man is true....

Well a week that's flown by - and has consisted of much.

Monday evening I met with a girl from my apartment block as she was broken into last week and we were working out our secret plan of action to combat the scabby old thieves. It was a bit like a blind date. The complex I live on has its own internet forum (I know) and we first chatted on there. Her real name wasn't "newbie" it turned out.

Tuesday I went out with my mate Ewen who I haven't seen since Edinburgh last year. We ususally always go for a beer during the fest but as he wasn't up there this year, it wasn't to be. Instead we met in La Perla on CHARLOTTE street (though Ewen said it was Rathbone Street which doesn't exist) when I arrived I was all sweaty having wondered around Rathbone Place trying to find La Perla. We drank Margarita's which have tequila in them! YICK! They were pink. Ewen tried to make me believe they were just like Slush Puppies, which was not the case. They tasted like pink and were mixed with Tequila. Not like slush puppies AT. ALL.

Exhibit A:

Afterwards we went to the Pheonix (I was obviously drunk) and we had another couple of beers. During this time I saw this bloke who REALLY gets on my nerves. So much so that back in Feb I wrote about him in this blog.

Ewen and I were very drunk, we decided that we were going to do a duet at Catface Comedy in wigs. It was all very very funny at the time but since our drink up, we've strangely never ever mentioned the duet again.

I have now bought some lovely little fishys. Fanny tails. When I first released them into the wild (bowl) I got one of them trapped in the plastic bag and it was panic stations for a minute. It was wiggling to get out but somehow the air AND water had vacuumed out of the baggy. The fish did a poo and then finally popped out. The fishes names are David and Peter.
Later on I fed the fishy's a pellet each as recommended by "Pets at Home" but they kept spitting them out and then eating them again, spitting em out, and eating again. Weirdos. I got my friend heather to have a look on a fish forum to find out why they might do this, and after much searching she came up with the answer "Maybe the fish doesn't like the taste of the pellets."

Yesterday when I got home from work there was NO water coming from ANY tap. I called Thames Water and then a plumber, praying that I wouldn't get a cowboy like in "Rogue Traders".

They were very rogue-ish. They kept saying they'd be with me in an hour but eventually never came claiming that they would be with me this morning at 8am. Which they were not. EVENTUALLY though a plumber did turn up and he had the foulest breath I have ever smelt. It literally smelt of shit. Why no one's told him this is beyond me. It was a mere £90 an hour for the plumber to fix the problem and when I asked how he'd done it, he gleefully exclaimed "I don't know!".

Finally though its friday so happy days are here again. Tomorrow I have a dance rehearsal and then later on my sis is coming to visit with babba catface so I shall give him lots of cuddles.

Have a good one.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Show that we ain't gonna stand shit, shows that we are united.

So! I'm back from good old Edinburgh and I have to say it was much fun indeed. As I mentioned in a previous bloggy, I wouldn't be gigging this time round - But that all changed on my arrival cause Caroline asked me to compere her show GCSE revision class, starring Caroline Mabey, Miriam Elia and Sean Walsh. The show's nothing to do with GCSE revision class, tiz but a ploy to pull in the audience but I still played the old school favourite "Nervous" with one lucky audience member. Very good fun this show - would recommend - on at the White Horse on the Royal Mile.

Katie and I did our best not to drink loads so that we'd last for an evening of craziness but it was tough. Later on, in Brookes bar (which is a bar in The Pleasance Dome which looks like a youth club) we saw the legend Jim Bowen. I instantly texted my parents and they replied simply with "Super Smashing Great" followed closely by a text saying "That was one of his sayings". Ah they're sweet.

Sometimes in Brookes bar you get major RADA's, and this particular night was no different. There stood a group of fresh faced Americans and they started beat boxing and singing loudly in the BAR. I cringed severely. When I looked at Jim Bowen he was rubbing his forehead as if he had a migraine or something. I took this as my cue for us to bond. "Hi Jim, aren't they vile!" he agreed and said "Ya know they all wanna just be stars" and we laughed knowingly together like celebrity friends do.

Later on we went to the Gilded Balloon with Caroline to watch a late night show in the downstairs nightclub (where the days of Phat Cave were). On the bill was Andrew Maxwell, Caroline as Helen Heels, Paul Foot and these singy people. Andrew Maxwell was exceptionally good dealing with some scary Norther Irish hecklers. We could barely understand the argument - but it was one that bordered on uncomfortable. Ultimately though Andrew slammed them and won. The singers were great, just can't remember them. The only problem with this show is it went on too long - and by the time Paul Foot came on we'd all sat there without a break for about 1hour 15 mins. I was DRUNK.

After the show finished we decided to call it a night - which I found a bit strange cause it was only 2:30am and that's pretty early. Oh well - meant that we got up at about 11am the next day and thus didn't waste the short time we had there.

We spent most of Friday at the Pleasance, cause most of the shows we would see were on there. Plus beer was there too. First show we saw were Adams and Rea which was ace, they are both extremely funny AND musical. Go see. Then we saw Pappy's Fun Club, which again was excellent. I did prefer last year's show cause of the audience participation but this show "Funergy" was still to an exceptionally high standard. This is the third year I've seen Pappy's at Edinburgh and each time I have a great laugh. Lovely lads.

And then I saw MIKE. Mike from Hollyoaks. AGAIN! Like last year! There he was, at the pleasance wondering about like he wasn't even famous. Like he wasn't even a DILF. My insides went all wrong when I saw him.... Mmmmm Mike.

Katie and I bumped then into my friend Gareth Kane who's in an improv group and whom I met a few years ago. So we sat with him and his mate (Dan) for a few hours drinking and being silly. Then it was time for "The Clock Hour" starring Michael Legge and team Margaret Caborn Smith (who's excellent) and a load others (from real Daniel o Donnell show) My friend Muki is producing this so it was fun to see her too. This show is mental. Mental fun that is. I laughed and laughed. Seriously, go see. On at the below at the Pleasance 11pm.

After this we headed to Gilded Balloon and Loft bar which is just as pretentious as it always was. Great days. Bed time now I think.

Saturday we went to Miriam Elia's birthday lunch a nice little seafood restaurant off the Royal Mile. Many were there who I hadn't met before and I sat next to Thom Tuck and Pat Burtscher who were excellent company. Fishy was nicey too. Saw Lou Sanders who was on excellent form also.

On the Royal Mile we bumped into Chris Martin and Benny Boot who were doing a show on the free fringe. He was on my list to see so off we went. Mark Talbot was MCing and I have to say he was AMAZING. So so funny - so so random. Loved him, loved him (but he didn't love me back) Also on the bill was Gareth Richards who I'd never seen before and was GREAT. He reminded me of one of Marc Wootton's characters in the way he spoke. Joey Page was also on as well - again I'd never seen him and have booked him for Catface Comedy in December.

Randomly we decided to PAY to go to a show called 10 years from now starring Andrew Bird. This man I've never seen and what a likable chap! Its a good show - nice and stable and consistent. Funny - again at the Pleasance.

After this we decided to go to a Butlins style bar so headed to Brookes. We nearly didn't get in cause you need a PASS. Luckily I emanate success from every pore so I strode right in. I said Katie was my PA. Not really. Anyway, we drank some wine and then I saw many I knew. Corry Shaw was there and Michael Fabbri (her beau) had seen me MC at the GCSE revision Class show and he said I was filthy. Excellent.

After this there was a FIGHT. Twix an act and a reviewer. Basically it consisted of the professional artiste' screaming "I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" and the reviewer/critic did quiet talking trying to simmer the situation down. Then the artiste' pushed the crtic over on a sofa and the critic did kicking the artiste' with his legs. Sorry but it was funny.

Katie wanted to go back to the B&B at this point so I sat around chatting to Muki, Michael Legge (who is just lovely), Johnny Candon and Robin Ince (no less). It was a pleasant close to a cool Edinburgh.

Taking Catface Comedy up there next year.

Sorry this blog reads weird - just wanted to cover everything.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

But the only soldier now is me, I'm fighting things I cannot see.

Ah another satisfactory downloading session on Itunes.

Uh oh, just seen a promo for Secret Millionaire, on tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. Don't they realise that the series will only work ONCE? After which, if you happen to work for a charity and a "random" person comes in asking loads of questions and offering to "help" - its a given that they're probably a millionaire - that's why the people who get money at the end rarely look surprised on hearing the news. Its more like "Yes I know you are, now how much am I getting?" Hardly emotional.

What is emotional, is me on last saturday night with a glass of red wine watching the last hour of Sixth Sense. I still cry, although I battle against the tears in the car scene at the end. The bit where the lady on the bike's killed. I want to cry, I really do - but I keep thinking of "Spaced" when they take off from that part in the film and Nick Frost says "A Lady...." you won't find that at all interesting if you don't know which part I describe (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it? Oh well too late now). Anyway that bit I cry at and the bit at the end when he discovers that he's all dead and that. Oh why can't they be together? Just like in "Ghost".

I'm listening to something right now that I fear would lose me street cred (if indeed I had some). Ronan Keating's "When you say nothing at all." This is because reader, it reminds me of the 1th August 1999, during the Eclipse. I remember my family and I, plus boyfriends headed on down to Cornwall to stay in an old farmhouse in the hope that we could glimpse this spectacular sight!

We were so lucky that day for we had a window in the sky that displayed the most almighty scene of light to dark in about 2 minutes. The bats even came out and I caught it all on film. I should upload it someday. Anyway - at this time I'd discovered that my boyfriend and I were probably no more and I remember drinking red wine (yes, even in those days) whilst we had a barbeque.

I put the radio on in my car and opened the door and "When you say nothing at all" was playing and I was thinking, how on earth am I going to tell him its over? However, I also felt increasing love for my mum, dad and sister (who were present) and thought - this is one of those good times in life. So.... er that's one of my memories thats locked in my head and now you have shared. Um....lucky you.

Now listening to Solange Knowles's song "I decided". She so wishes she looked like Beyonce.

Anyway - onto something infuriating. Lately I've caught about 2 Big Bro's a week and I completely and utterly hate Rex. And his STOOPID girlfriend with the wierd voice. They're such head fuckers. BLEE. I'd vote them out if I could be arsed.

I've discovered that the person on the dating site I'm on and who put me in his favourites does indeed work here. I'm so embarrassed. I am RUMBLED. They know I work here and am a desperado. I suspect that at the next work party or gathering I'll get drunk, saunter up to him and say something like, "I know that you know that I'm on that dating site that you're on" and then will probably wobble off feeling all satisfied. But why would I be satisfied? That's what alcohol does to me. Makes me self-satisfied. (Is it any wonder I drink alone?)

I've just been watching Peep Show. God I love Mark Corrigan. I love him.

Monday, 11 August 2008

I can say, I hope it will be worth what I give up.

I feel fishy. Oh so fishy. I feel fishy and sunny and gay! And so fishy that I hardly can believe (I'm writing this) I'm real. That's right, you've guessed it, someone's got a fish tank. Here it is:

I'm gonna get some fantails which are like goldfish but with flappier, nicer tails. 'Parrently the COMMON goldfish don't like fantails cause they're JEALOUS of their lustrous tails. I can't put the fish in for one week cause the water needs to be treated and everything. I am so excited. It was either fish or a wopping great babbit (rabbit) and to be honest I know that'd end up just being all smelly and bitey.

So, I've had quite a nice few days. Firstly let us begin with a Catface Comedy update. Well. It was great. With a pretty much full room of audience, half of which I DID NOT KNOW which is a great sign. All acts did well - special mention goes to young Rachel Anderson from Hartley Poole. Tres bien. Thanks to everyone involved, its a wicked show even if I do say so myself. Loving the dancing and loving my stomach.

Friday night I went out on the razz in Camden with a pal from work. I did my best to convince her to get involved with a bit of Internet dating and I think I succeeded. She seemed up for it - I dunno - I've signed up again cause I'd quite like to meet some new people. Male, obviously. We'll see, I've had a few emails and interest hits, and I think someone from my work has put me in his faves box - either that or his twin works here. How embarrassing if that's the case. Oh well, you gotta be in it to win it.

Saturday I cooked Duck l'orange for my ma and pa for lunch. I got the recipe from this retro website thing and it tasted ACE. I couldn't believe it cause as soon as the L'orange started to cook I was convinced it would be vomitus but before long it'd thickened up and looked all culinary and delightful. You know, I think I may have a knack for this cooking lark. After which I made my mum and dad take to Pets at Home where in we got the fishy tank. God sometimes I am such a baby. I'm nearly thirty and was saying stuff like, "Noooo, I don't want that one. Its crap! I wanna buy the fish NOW!" etc etc. They were like "The man says no Leanne, you have to do what they say, you don't want the fish to die do you?"

"Yes.." I replied sulkily.

So! Then I did cleaning of my whole house and chucking out three black sacks of crapola making way for my new bedroom look which is coming soooooon! What a satisfying weekend.

In Facebook news I have got back in touch with my first ever boyfriend. I met him when I was 7 years old and we didn't actually go anywhere but I think we held hands and I loved him a bit. I befriended him on Facebook after being encouraged to from the "People I may know" section. He's married with kids. "Surprise Surprise! The unexpected hits you between the Eyes." etc etc. Whatever.

I've started doing singing lessons at MTV. Lots of breathing exercises and harmonies. Today we did Penny Lane by "The Beatles" and I discovered myself struggling with the verse. Why don't I know it proper? Its a classic. I felt a dimwit.

On Friday I bumped into Dynamo the magician in Camden and his manager Dan (or as I secretly call him "Danamo"). I looked after Dynamo at the MTV European Music Awards last year: and it was well cool cause they still recognised me. He's a nice lad very down to earth yet mixes with some real A listers. Leanne Diggins, friend to the stars....

Vote for my friend Joe Davies please on My Space Radio. He's been presenting with Alex Zane every week and you have to vote to keep him on. He's well good and a nice lad too... Promised I'd put the link on here - takes two sex.

Thursday I travel to Edinburgh where in I plan to laugh and relax muchly. I'm hoping that the rain has started to cease for lots of my pals up there have complained of trench foot. God I remember it rained all of ONE day last year at Edinburgh and I had the nerve to do crying because of it. It kept making all my flyers soggy so I couldn't hand 'em out. You know when you're so wet you just think FUCK IT. Well that was that day. Imagine having that up to now? Well luckily that's all I have to do (imagine) as I'm not going up till thursday. Looking forward to it.

Hope I see Mike off Hollyoaks like I did last year. What a DILF.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Inside my heart is breaking, my make-up maybe flaking... but my smile, still stays on.

I went to the gym(bob) today. It was tough. I really have to sort out these fits and starts of trying to be a slender lass. Either I wannit or I don't. Watching Jeremy Kyle this morning made me go to the gym cause there was this vile ill-looking fat woman on there with one of those short slick at the front, spiked at the back, fat haircuts on the show. Also, I watched a programme last night about fatty babies, and its mainly down to the mother being such a lard-arse apparently. So just in case, just in case I meet a husband and we have a babby, I need to not be a fatty. Be prepared - that's what I always say.

I'm having a bit of a 30 crisis if I'm honest. Time is proper ticking and its making me nervous. I suppose everyone goes through this when they hit a significant milestone like the big 3.0. I feel like there's more I should have done by now. If you have any decent nuggats of advice to give me, please feel free to comment cause it's doing my head in.

Party plans are in full swing and I'm convinced the night's gonna be ACE. There are a select 80 people invited - and most have confirmed. DANCE OFF DANCE OFF!!

One thing I'm looking forward to is going up to Edinburgh next thursday to check out some show-age. It's the first time in three years that I've been up there with no plans of gigging OR not doing a proper full on show like last year. I've a long long list of stuff to see, and really hoping to get round all of em. Not like last year when I was up there for 18 days and only saw 3 shows. 3! That's disgusting isn't it. S'cause I was drunk all the time or flyering. Not this year though I'm properly going for it.

What else....?

Well, life's like a roller coaster this week for I'm up and down, up and down (but not in a sex way) - now I'm thinking of Kirsty Maccoll! For some reason I can't stop being sad about her. Its all cause someone told me that she was decapitated when she was killed (I didn't know this) and now I can't stop thinking about her. I sat on her bench a while back in Soho - it says: "One day I'll be waiting there / No empty bench in Soho Square"
Get's stuff in perspective about me turning 30 though doesn't it. I'm silleee.

Hmm thats right Leanne, make everyone feel depressed. Great Blog.

I'm making Duck l'orange tonight to see what it tastes like. Orangey Duck prolly but I've always wanted to cook it. Also, MTV have started a their very own singing lesson/choir thing. I'm joining and my try out is next tuesday. Cringey or fun? Both I think.

And thats that.

Soz I'll write proper soon.

Monday, 4 August 2008

I'm only asking, but I think you know.

Right here's the latest. Friday night I went out with some pals from work to the Lockside Lounge. I never normally wanna go to this pub but seem to get dragged along for I'm weak. It was cool I met some nice girls who were very sympathetic about my withered chest problem and also seemed to like my nail varnish.

Saturday my mum and dad came to visit I took them to Red Bar on the complex I live on and the food was lush. Katy who lives in my block and who's from Orpington was also in there with her mum and dad. My dad kept trying to make me ask out the manager of the bar it was embarrassing. It's good that he has his ear to the ground but there are ways and means - I just haven't found them yet... I seem to have lost my cool when it comes to lads.
I saw man I fancy from afar the other day and as I rambled on to him, beads of sweat begam to appear on my upper lip. My inner monologue demanded I remove the said beads, but I didn't want him to know that I was all sweaty and gross, for the light may have been just so that he wouldn't have seen the beads and then I'd have wiped for nothing. I;ve also since discovered that he's nice to everyone cause I read his Facebook wall like a mentalist.
Saturday evening, Karen and I went to IKEA in Lakeside and I bought silly amounts of stuff. So exciting though, my flat's positively transformed. I did DIY when I got home and made a cupboard. Got blisters from the screw driver and all the time was mumbling that a man should be doing this for me. My man preferably. When it was complete though I turned into an "Independant Woman" by Destiny's Child whilst I admired my handy work. I'm so fickle.

Yesterday I was off to Portsmouth to do a gig Mcing for Black Cat Comedy and to meet up with Matt and Nancy in the afternoon. I should explain that Matt is my ex-boyfriend from long ago but when we split up we decided to do something very strange and that was to be nice to each other. A few years after we split I was visiting him and his Ma and I met his then, good friend Nancy. She was cool and a few months later became his lady, so you see, meeting up with them was actually a very lovely thing. They're happy - you can see that a mile off and when you see someone you think much of so very happy it makes you feel warm inside, like at christmas time. :-)
Then came the gig. Now,it was OK. I mean,I didn't do amazing - I've definitely had better. My banter with the audience was better received that my little stories, and we had a good laugh the audience and I, but I know I didn't feel entirely comfortable cause the crowd was so mixed. Like one table would be ROARING with laughter and another table with faces like stone. STWANGE. Hey ho - drove back with Del Strain who was really nice.

And finally, don't forget that it's Catface Comedy this Thursday at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. Oh have I got a treat for you - we've been rehearsing and EVERYTHING. Check it out

Yeah so get involved.