Friday, 11 February 2011

And what am I sposed to say, when I'm all choked up and you're ok?

Again a nice long break between blogs and my excuse for this is down to work! I am so busy at the moment, barely getting a chance to take a lunch break (prob not a bad thing) let alone tap out a world class blog post!
But now I have some time, so here goes...

WELL! Xmas was OK, as was New Year. I went on a health kick for about 18 days (like last year) but fell off the wagon with a bang when I went to my friend's 40th and drank Jagerbombs. They're so nice aren't they! All going down into my tummy so yummily and making me not feel drunk, but brilliant and interesting until I discover myself doing a wee wee in a car park and then I KNOW the Jagerbombs have done their work but in a kind and friendly way! Ah Jagerbombs, you're so LOVELY.

So yes off with a bang I fell but have kept the drinking to a weekend event (mostly) and have relished in the no hangover thing. You should try it, it's a strange feeling to feel well MOST days. The other thing I've stuck to is a the gym (bob). I actually LIKE it a bit now and although I get a beetroot face which strangely remains white around my mouth (that can't be right can it) I think I'm making progress. I've lost another half a stone now so since this time last year I have lost 1 stone 2lbs. I only have 2 stone to go and I will look all perfect and lollipop headed just like that lady off Eastenders. Max's girlfriend. Her head is massive.

Don't worry I'm not getting obsessed but I do feel a lot more on track and it's quite nice not to have flab billowing out of my size 16 jeans.

The Biggest Loser on ITV1 is helping quite a bit but not as much as The Biggest Loser USA on Living is! OMG they're massive and if THEY can do loads of exercise and not die of a heart attack then so can I. That's what goes through my head whenever I go to the gym and I'm getting puffed out. Look at that man that's 23stone he can do this and not die, so you can Leanne! So can you.

In other news I actually did projectile vomiting this week. I thought this only existed on Little Britain and the Witches of Eastwick (have another cherry). But no, I got it Wednesday night and it was a Catherine wheel of mucas. GROSS. I think it was a prawn... Either way it helped with the WW weigh in this week no doubt! So every cloud... Poor Warren didn't like it though, covered his tooth brush and flannel. HAHAHA. He really must love me eh.

So I went to a wedding show last week at the Excel Centre. It was very tacky. It was like the one in Gavin and Stacey. I had to wear a sticker saying BRIDE. I didn't like it so I took it off but people still kept coming up and giving me leaflets. The worst selling pitch was for this Spit Roast machine thing. I just couldn't bring myself to be rude to the salesman so listened and ummed and ahhhhed for about 7 minutes. Very annoying as I shan't get that back. Lots of Bridezillas roaming around whereas I'm more of a BrideZuki. I'm going to another one next friday, the National Wedding show at Olympia. I'm not sure why I booked to go to this now. Oh well.

I watched a programme the other night (the night of projectile vomitus) on Sky Anytime called "Bridal Plasty" or something. And the object of the show was 10 brides to be competing to win all the cosmetic surgery they could physically have and also to win a massive expensive wedding. It was pretty disgusting to be honest, at one point they had to do a jigsaw puzzle which once completed the prize for the game was a syringe which admitted them entry into a "needle Party" which enabled them to INJECT THEIR FACES with botox.. And they were so so happy.... I'm all for some basic assessment of one's body parts and if needed, a nip or tuck here or there should be allowed. But these guys were obsessed freaks. Not good.

Anyway - just a short one today with not much info but I plan to write weekly from now on.

I hope you are all well.