Friday, 15 October 2010

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn? But that's alright because I like the way it hurts.

UGH! I got me a hangover.... Meh. Stupid beer.

SO! How are you all? Good I hope.

Tell me you've been watching "The Only Way is Essex"on ITV2! Fucking hell - it's so bad it's good. The girls on it all do that thing where they go up at the end of their sentences so everything sounds like a question. EG: "Oh my god? Mark'll love that vagazzle?"
For those of you who don't know what a vagazzle is, its where you put sparkly diamantes on your pubic bone. It looks great..... What. The. Fuck.
Why would you do that? Whats the point. Check out my sparkly MUFF. Jesus. Anyway I would recommend anyone watch it - it makes me CRINGE.

Thank God The Apprentice is back although in my opinion it's been scheduled at the wrong time of year. Normally it's on when it's going to be the Summer..... Oh well at least it's back and it's bloody great.

In other news - I'm going to come off Facebook next week (after Catface Comedy on Wednesday) I've decided. I expect it will feel like I did when I went to Australia and didn't take my mobile phone with me.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, I went for a drink with my mate Matt on Tuesday and he's recently done the same thing and he explained how invigorated it's made him feel and I want in. Plus when I look at it, although FB has lots of good points, its also got many bad points which most of us I'm sure are all well aware of. In the past it's actually got me paranoid....... like this one strange time, a girl on there decided she didn't like me (for NO reason) and kept sending me evil comments via her status updates. Now I look back on it, it truly does sound ridiculous.
And of course I couldn't prove this and I would have looked a bit mad if I'd asked her about it..... But the comments were aimed at me....she knew it and I knew it. In the end I had to delete her. How mad is it that you can just delete someone out of your life with just a click of a mouse? But when I put it like that, it's quite cool actually.

But anyway - back to the point, my boyfriend isn't on FB and he's been saying to me for ages how silly it is and all that jazz and I've just been like blah blah blah you don't understand but he's right. If there's an event - my friends can invite me via the TELEPHONE or on EMAIL or, OR, here's an idea.......
face to face.

SO! Tonight I'm going on an adventure, I'm going to a Supper Club in London. What happens is, you go round this random person's house (you have to book and everything) and other people will be there too and you all eat dinner with these strangers cooked by this random couple you've never met before. I'm actually quite nervous but me and Warren are going with Jack and Louise who have been before and said it's a right laugh. Alot of the kind of people that do this Supper Club thing are very middle class. I'm going to go in singing "Knees up Muvver Brown" and "Any Old Iron" to break the ice.

How strange going into someones house that you don't even know and eating their food. God I'm actually feeling a bit scared about this now. One of my mates said the concept reminds him of Swinging. Haha. How funny would that be, if we got there and all these naked randoms were sat there looking at us expectantly. Hmmmm... Maybe not funny actually and YES it's definitely a Supper Club.

In other news my boy bought me a rabbit for my birthday called Colin who is very very sweet indeed but does alot of nibbling. Little tinker. He is grey and dwarfy. AHHHHHH.

God this hangover keeps hitting me in waves, bloody blimey. I've joined Weight Watchers AGAIN and this time the incentive is of course my wedding dress. Now that the venue, the photographer, the registrar and insurance is booked I am going on a massive weight loss plan so that I can get into a size 10-12 wedding dress for the big day. It's the biggest incentive I've ever had and it's a very happy thought indeed.

And finally, don't forget it's Catface Comedy on wednesday this week (20th) at the Betsey Trotwood in farringdon. GET INVOLVED.

Anyway - I hope this blog finds you all really well. Until next time....