Thursday, 15 May 2008

I believe they want you to give in.

Finally! I've got my slot on SW1 radio confirmed. 10:00am to 12:00pm every Sunday for a YEAR. YAY! You'll be able to listen to this online and once I get the link and my start date I'll let ya know. Soooo excited. The features, the special guests, the music, all that's been buzzing round my head for the past 6 months - all about to be realised. Hurrah and jump for joy, for I am jumping. See how I jump.

Recently I've had contact from a few people, asking me to do 10 spots at their clubs, but I've decided that I mainly want to stick to MCing.... (OR 15-20 spots if they're outta town) cause thats more helpful with the old radio, yet I can still get new material from it etc. Not only will I be shortly starting my own comedy night in Greenwich - I hope to guest MC for various nights as well. So I'm trying to say no to people but I keep feeling all obliged to say "yeah". Just say "no" Leanne!

Last night I was sat on my sofa with my laptop, and my flat was all pink cause of the sunset and I thought "I really like my life" What a nice feeling. It might have been something to do with the fact that The Apprentice was due to start in 45mins from that time, but moments like that make me feel smiley. I've deleted my dating profile from the internet site I was with as well. WOW. I feel all spring cleany.

Although I feel happy, I also feel sad about all the murders going on around London. I know its hyped up but that one with Jimmy in Lee was extra horrid. They've released a video of him on his birthday dancing to "Love Shack" all unassuming. I've got a video of me dancing to Love Shack when I was ten. :-( Lee's just down the road from me and I hate the thought of all them knives being carried about. There just doesn't seem to be any limits. :-(

Sorry a bit depressing.

This weekend sees me hanging out with Karen and getting my feet done and jogging. Then Sunday we are confirming and booking Australia with full itintery. SOOOO exciting! I am actually going to the other side of the world. Too much fun.

Right, I'm off to get me' nails done.

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