Wednesday, 7 May 2008

This fever for you is just burning me up inside...

So as one door closes another one opens for I have secured another date for next week! I have to admit, I've limited strength left with the whole thing and I fear this will be my second to last shot at a spark with anymore gentleman from the Internet. I just can't be bothered.

Yes, it's all very pleasant and I've only had a couple of weird situations but its quite simply, draining. Like I'm currently in the middle of email chats with this guy who I am meeting next week and I'm finding it hard work. Don't get me wrong, he seems lovely but I am so over the pleasantries. Lets just have a row, I'll win, and then lets marry. It's not so difficult is it?

So I had a message on my Facebook wall today from someone who reads my blog to say that they read it cause it makes them feel better about their own non-existent sex life. ERM, just because I don't blabber on about sex doesn't mean I don't get any! Ever heard of an FB? (And I don't mean Facebook) Yeah thats right EFF. BEE. my friend... christ, who am I kidding, even that's not consistent of late. Plus the term FB makes me cringe. oh well. Feel even better now Andrew do ya? (Remember that time you fell over outside Caroline's and you landed NEXT to a banana skin? Great days!)

So I caught some of "Too fat to Toddle" last night on ITV1 and it was horrid and UNTRUE. Most of the kids were over toddler age and could walk. So... Too fat to walk more like. But they could walk - so it was basically a show full of untruths and just fatties who cried if they didn't get enough grub. I know that feeling so I felt for them.

Kids on TV are getting on my nerves lately. Ben from Eastenders being the main culprit. He speaks like a baby. Is he putting it on cause he's meant to be deaf or something? Or has he really got a voice like Ralph Wiggum? If Phil really was his dad he would SO not have that.

The Apprentice is on tonight THANK GOD. A bit of good telly for once!



nick said...

Who do you want to win then?

PS. I had a quick look at that magazine you're in and the pictures are very nice. Didn't get time to read the article though. That would involve actually buying a ladies magazine.

Leanne Diggins said...

I think probably Raef as he seems the least bully-ish.

Andrew said...

Well that's me told.

But I didn't say I only read it because it makes me feel better about my own lack of a sex-life... Only that I found it especially good when I was feeling gloomy about it.

The Ken-Livingstone-as-Chris-Rabbit-from-Henry's-cat thing was brilliant - one of those jokes that tell you something you know but didn't know you know.


Leanne Diggins said...

Ah I'm glad I cheer you up! :-) x