Friday, 9 May 2008

You can't help someone recover after all you did.

YAY Friday! And another scorcher of a day. The only problem with that is I sweat like an ox on public transport. So what though, the sun is out, the bird's are cheeping and I'm going to see Avenue Q today - what more could I ask for?

I've secured the venue now for my 30th Birthday Party. The problem with me is, when I throw a party I become quite obsessive about it. This year is even worse being that I'm turning 30. PAH! Its the only way I can get through the "change" I guess.

I've hired the downstairs of the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell on the recommendation of one of my colleagues at MTV who had DJ Yoda at her 30th there a year or so back. I already have one of my DJ's hired who's excellent and I'm looking to get another one, maybe two. Its a tough job because I don't want a "Dave's Disco" type but then again I don't want anything which leans towards just one genre of music.

The theme of the evening is My Super Sweet 30th and will include me and my "backing dancers" wowing the crowd with an amazing dance. Because let's face it, it's all about me. On top of this there will of course be one of my legendary Dance Off's which I already have volunteers for. It consists of two teams of 10, a whistle blower, stop clock man/woman, 2 judges and a compere. Sooo much fun.

I did a big cull on my Facebook the other day and it felt great.
It's making me laugh about the "Stop Boris" in 2012 Facebook group that's going round. Cause that's productive isn't it. Haa Haaa. Don't you get it? It's too late - he's in and he cycled to work. Yeah thats right, cycled! I bet he didn't cycle the next day though. I think give him a chance and stop whinging. (Ooooh controversial. YAWN.)

I'm so looking forward to Peep Show tonight. What a great, great show. It didn't get an amazing review in the Metro - but I beg to differ, I loved it and watched the first episode twice. It's the best thing on TV at the moment, other than the Apprentice. Which incidently was extra great on Wednesday. Oh Alex you're so pretty but such a twat. Good riddance to that vile bitch Jennifer (not the irish one). She is disgusting. She reminds me of the first female manager I had when I started work in central London when I was 19. I was the "front of house" receptionist at a Car Show room in Park Lane. In those days I was WELL fit so it made all the business men want to buy cars...(in my head)

They used to call my boss the "Pig with Lipstick". She was such a bully. She was about 28 and I thought she knew everything as I was extra naive in those days. I remember one day I had abdominal pains and I asked if I could go home to go to the doctors and she kept saying no. Eventually she let me go at 5:30pm (half hour before I was due to leave anyway). I went to the doctors and wound up in hospital for 5 days. Nice one. Fuckin' bitch.

Some female bosses are mentalists. With balls of steel (or so they convey) and shoulder pads to match, they bark orders at work, make their staff cry and secretly love it. Then they go home to their pathetic friendless lives and hope and pray that the next day will come around soon so that they can make people feel shit at work again, because deep down they hate themselves more. That's Jennifer that is.

You know what that Claire reminds me of in The Apprentice? She reminds me of "Maz" off Holiday Reps. She has the same whiney voice and sentences that seem to finish on the same irritating note. And she talks a load of office jargon in the hope that people won't realise that she's actually extremely thick.

This weekend I have much planned. This evening I am going to see Avenue Q once again as it's so fantastic and I fancy one of the puppeteers. Tomorrow I am meeting with a pal in the arvo, and in the evening I have not one, but two parties to go to. Ah a two centre evening. Nice.

Sunday I am heading back to Orpington to see Ma and Pa, possibly go and play rounders in Bromley with some pals and catch up with me' old mate Katie. Action packed just how I like it.


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