Saturday, 17 October 2009

And it was New York, New York and she took his heart away... oh my.... And it was New York, New York, she's poisoned his sweet mind.

Oh God I have to keep starting these blogs with a sorry. SORRY! I haven't written for ages which is strange because I have ridiculous time on my hands just not the inclination to write. Until now.

Now. Let me see.... What have I been doing? Well first up, I got an iphone. I know! I'm down with the kids totally. I'd originally decided against getting one because its a touch screen thing and I was worried my sausagey fingers may have trouble mashing the right buttons. But its easy peasy lemon squeezy! Get one they rule. The other day I was driving along to an unknown destination and my iphone was being all TOM TOM like. It was ace. A little blue light flashed as to where I was and I found my way. And now I'm listening to some new songs just downloaded from Itunes. They are The Temper Trap, Muse, Mr Hudson - White Lies and Paloma Faith. YAY. Get involved.

I went to the TMF Awards in Belgium the other weekend and it was ace. As mentioned before I did the voice over for this and so had been invited along to join in the partying. Me and boy had an excellent time and the voice overs sounded cool. Here is a clip - (Lasgo and INtro) I did the intro you might need to use head phones to get the full effect and its on for the first 20 seconds I believe.

The next day I felt very very rough indeed. All the way home I had a really dodgy tummy so my pretense to my boyf that I never poo, went straight out the window. I think I did quite well up to then. I kept it up for like two months and he never suspected a thing! I'm never going to be one of those girls who pretend they don't fart or burp, its just not gonna happen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those girls who cock their leg at random and chant "Listen to this, its too good to miss, da da da da da DA!" RASP! But ya know, I'm human.

I had an interview a couple of weeks ago which seemed to go quite well, so much so that I got a second interview and out of 90 applicants I was down to the last three. For this "interview" I was asked to formulate two Power Point Presentations and complete a work ethic report thing. Now, although I'm familiar with Power point and can do basic presentations I hadn't used it for years so this worried me greatly. I spent AGES on it and got some invaluable help from friends (Holly you get a massive thanks!) and I was pretty pleased with the end results. On the day I was crapping it. It was a panel interview and the main guy interviewing me, as soon as I sat down seemed to emulate a vibe that he thought I was just a silly girl. This threw me, so I started to act like an erm... silly girl. During the presentation I actually got the giggles because it was sooooo over.

I felt like I did when I first attempted to do my driving test. I failed 5 minutes in, but still had to drive around like an utter DICK for 25 more minutes. Also the report thing I did was a bit like a personality test. When I was half way through the HOUR long questions, I started to wonder if in fact this was some kind of scientology situation. I mean, this company are based in Goodge street JUST round the corner from The Scientologist's "shop". The company were run by the Government tooo... Very strange. Needless to say I didn't get the job. Shock horror. I wouldn't have employed someone who kept laughing throughout the interview either so furry muff.

Right what else? Oh yeah there were more deletions on Face Book. I was forced to delete someone I actually care a great deal about.... What a shame, I'm genuinely very disappointed. That's the thing about FB it really puts in your face who you are or aren't friends with. Also people don't have to give you any reasons, instead can just treat you like cyber shit from afar and you're none the wiser. Ah well, nevermind. I wanted to mention it though.

My iphone on the other hand, is BEST friends with Facebook and I can upload pictures from my phone with a touch of a button (screen) its GREAT.

In other news me and the man are getting on great! He met my Ma and Pa the other day and everyone seemed to get on which is very good indeed. Its always highly embarrassing on the first meet but I was pleased to say things were relatively relaxed. He's so manly! He's put up shelves and made me shoe racks and everything! Its probably quite a change for him to go out with me as I'm quite laddish at times. The other day we were eating fajitas and I hadn't had them before and he was showing me the best way to load them up. He goes "they're very filling, most girls can only eat two." And I'm like WTF? Two? Fuck off and hand me four. haha. haha he'll soon learn that I can pack it in baby.

Oh yes! I'm back on SW1 radio tomorrow so if you are up at 10am please log on to I could do with the company....

I watched the footage the other day of that woman in Melbourne who's baby fell on the train tracks. Oh God, how disturbing was that! Bloody 'ell Barbara what a nightmare and an absolute miracle that the babba was ok. I'm not going to post it up cause it disturbs one, but check it out at the BBC website.

And finally, it's Catface Comedy again this Wednesday and its going to be ACE. Tickets are two thirds sold so if you are planning on coming get in quick. and go to events.

Until next time...