Tuesday, 6 May 2008

But I'm sad for all the time I had to waste.

This weekend was silly silly silly! My friend came over on Sunday for some yummy food, wine and laughter. We ended up hitting Greenwich and all was fine up until we bumped into my old pal from college, Gerard and friends and suddenly we were drinking silly amounts.

The night ended at some point I think. I've flashes of being at home (around 10:50pm) and wondering where Louisa (my mate) had gone. Then I remember coming to, and Louisa still wasn't there (this was around 12:30pm) - I thought I'd lost my mobile and was desperately trying to remember her number out of my head (I know it when I'm sober). Suddenly she picked up her phone and was outside my flat. She got home to me, in no less than two hours after I did. What the...

The next morning we tried to piece back what could have happened in the missing two hours. We did this by power of call registers/missed calls, & voicemails on our phones. The first contact made was me leaving Louisa a voicemail at 10:30pm saying "Looweeeeeza whare arrr yooooooooooooo?" Somehow after that call, Louisa got my mobile phone so we must have met up again briefly after which we promptly separated again. She then proceeded to call my phone during the missing 2 hours (in her own bag) ten times.

I checked my work-mobile call register and I'd called my mate Leon. I spoke to him yesterday and apparently when I'd called him Sunday night at 11pm (which I do NOT remember) I was saying "I've lost Louisa! Can you call her??? I'll read her number out and you call her." And he was like, "Why don't you just call her then?" and I was like "Cause I'm having to GUESS her number Leon! Obviously. You're being a dick." Leon thinks this was hilarious and now keeps mailing me asking for Louisa's number.

In all seriousness I hate mental nights like that. One's where I can't remember how I got home, so very very dangerous. The last time I did that was three years ago in Austria. I'd gone out on my own cause I didn't wanna hang with my ma and pa again, and I got battered with the only english speaking person in the village. I'm just thankful all is well with us, although there was considerable puking going on round mine yesterday. Off the booze for a while me thinks.

So "Look" magazine is out today avec my feature in it. Its a bit cringey and not entirely accurate - saying that I get £100 a gig! Ha! I wish! They asked me what the most I'd been paid was and I told them £100 which is true for a 20 min spot. I also made it clear that I am only really paid consistently for compering but whatever, I'm in a glossy mag so 'ave it!

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Louisa said...

Oh dear - it was not big of clever.. actually worked out after the two bottles of wine we had at yours I worked out I had at least 6large glasses of wine!!

I will not be doing something so totally stupid again!