Monday, 18 March 2013

I wait with good intentions...

How are yoooou? It's been so long right? This isn't really a blog anymore is it, no. Oh well.

Here are my latest findings.  I watched a programme on Sunday night called "The Lady that Vanished" or something. And it had so much potential.  But then it didn't and I was left disappointed.  There are several areas in which I would have changed that programme sitting in the comfort of my armchair as my far arse spread further and further.  But it's too late, they didn't ask me.

And THAT ladies and gentleman is what this year's blog is partially about.  Opinions.  Now, opinions are fine, but not ones that seem to envelope all else that exists. I'll give you an example.  Football.  So, if there is a big football match you get all sorts of strange shouty men screaming about what "we" should have done in order to get more goals.  As if their mottled, alcohol/faggy shouty breath is the home of the "answer" to everyone's prayers and therefore, if only they'd been asked their opinions, their "team" would have won.  It's such a nuisance to read these conversations on Twitter and Facebook.

Oh yeah I'm on Twitter now, drop the dead donkey, that's right.  I still don't find it very easy on the eye but I'm getting much more used to it now.  At times it becomes a little irritating if I happen to be watching something on TV that certain comedians are also watching and therefore they are providing (even though they were not asked) a running commentary of their opinions of the show for us all to receive, with presumably hilarious consequences.

What I do like though, is if I tweet an author I like, then she tweets me back.  That makes me feel all great.  Some of the items I've seen on twitter are so vicious, I once got called a "fat lover" because I follow Gemma Collins of TOWIE fame.  Not sure what a fat lover does, but apparently that's what I am.  What a meanie.  I decided to block him and that was the end of that. Clever stuff eh.

Anyway - in other news life is going OK at this end.  Still loving my "hubby" haw haw haw. That word "hubby" exists on  my "list". My list of cringy words. Sits alongside the likes of Titties and Panties. It's right at home there, they're best friends and almost married.