Sunday, 4 May 2008

Left right left we all fall down.

Its muggy-bone-head today outside. I just went for a wonderful walk in the suburbia part of Greenwich and spent time imagining which house I would buy if I were to win the Lottery. I also planned on buying a pair of decent trainers on my next pay day. This "fit bug" pedometer thing is making me slightly obsessive. I must look a right dick keeping on checking how many steps I've taken. I said "Morning" to perfect strangers today, they said "Morning" back! Ah I love it here. I walked down the road where Billie Piper's classic video "Because we want to!" was filmed and resisted tempatation to stage whisper "We can do anything...we want, we can do anything...we want."

My pals are coming over today for some lunch and then we're heading out into Greenwich for some jolly japes. I could do with cheering up cause the guy I was meant to be seeing tomorrow has blown me out :-(. Its typical ain't it, the one time my fake tan goes right and I don't look like a leopard. BAH.

I'd properly married him in my head as well. Well, not really, but he was one of FEW who had something about them I actually liked. DOH. Dunno why he bothered asking me out again though really. Ah well....Luckily, I have my big pointy foam glove here, so join me whilst I double point at the sky and then down to the floor all together now, Another one bites the dust etc etc. NEXT. *sigh*

I remember when I was at TV Travel Shop and we actually did have those foam gloves and when someone would resign and get escorted from the building we would chant and point to them on their way out...(the ex employee gave us the thumbs up and a wink). One month 63 people handed their notice in. I got escorted from the building as well when I resigned but I dunno why cause I was a shit seller. I just couldn't lie. One of my colleagues used to tell their customers that there was only one room left and that it was FLASHING on his computer screen. I'd lean over and see that there were 11 rooms left. How did he sleep at night eh? Good old TV travel shop.

So I've got a notice board in my kitchen (a cat one) and I'm trying to make it look casually rugged and all random. Like ya know when you go into one of your cool friends houses and they have a notice board with important numbers, maybe an outstanding bill, a photo of them being all zany, a couple of cab numbers for unexpected gentleman callers, a menu maybe, that type of thing. Mine did have my polling card on it, but now the election's over it's bare again. Right I'm off to make it look casual and rugged and cool (a bit like when I spend ages putting loads of make up on to make it look like I haven't got any on at all) also better get preparing lunchy - we're having rack of lamb, roast potatoes and assorted veg. YUMMY!

Bless you and all that sail in

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