Friday, 29 February 2008

Guess I'm not the fighting kind...Wouldn't mind it if you were by my side... But you're long gone....yeah you're long gone now. YEAAAAHHH.

Friday already! Last night me and Heather went to my local (the one with the one eyed cat and puppy) and then we went for a curry. Well, I ate Chicken Korma which is hardly curry but it was still yum. And I didn't smoke. This is quite an achievement cause I was a little bit drunk. When we came back to my flat we played Jenga (except the version I have is unofficial merchandise and is called "Family Stack 'Em") so where I normally chant "Jenga! Jenga! Jenga" when its my opponents turn to psyche them out, I had to chant "Family Stack 'em! Family Stack 'Em!" which doesn't have the same effect and I lost TWICE. Here is Heather looking all concentratey. Look at her taking the game all seriously! Its only a game Heather yeah?

After this we decided to play Slinky. This game is usually only fun if one has stairs. I don't so we made some. It was ACE. I felt like Slinky was being really cute. But that may have been the alcohol talking. Here he is trying to make it down some special stairs.

You can also see the Family Stack Em box in this picture so you know I'm not lying.

I always have a good laugh with Hev. Good old 'Eternal Beau'.

In other news my sister has announced that she's getting married next month to her long term beau Jason. WOW this is pretty major and is excellent news. However, this makes me feel very very spinster-ish. I am very happy for her, but I do have an air of "MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA" about this. EG: "Why does Marsha always gets everything!" etc I gather dust on the SHELF. (her name isn't Marsha) Heather says she'd rather be on the shelf that in couple-doom. This is a good point.

Talking of weddings I saw a picture of two little monkey's getting married in India the other day. There were over 200 (human) revellers there to help celebrate this. The monkeys looked non-plussed, specially the lady monkey. She had a big wedding dress on with a train. Then when they got them to the "alter" they tied them in their chairs for a bit. And the monkeys were like "What the fuck?" Then they let them go and the monkeys just went leaping off in different directions. HAA HAA. Good old monkeys.

I actually want to go and see a stand-up show. Phil Nicol's "Hiro's Worship" there was a really good review on this in the Metro and it looks really interesting. I'm gonna go - not sure how long its on for though....

Do you know what? I think the worst film I have ever seen is Koyote Ugly. The reason I am thinking this is because I saw a sign saying "H2o" today on the way to work and I started to chant in my head "Hell no, H2o. Hell no H2o" and I suddenly realised where it was from and I was nearly SICK.

This weekend I'm going to a wedding anniversary party with my PARENTS. Its their next door neighbours and they want me to come as back up. I'm just curious to see the sons again. They're both married but I remember when I was 8 I really quite loved the youngest son (he was 14) and I used to go and chat to him at the bottom of the garden whilst he aggressively chopped wood for no reason saying things like "this is Mrs. Curtis's head". (Mrs Curtis was a teacher at our school) I thought he was so cool.

Sunday I expect I shall just roll around at my parents house in my single bed remembering that I'm nearly 30 and stuff.

Have a good one.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Now tell me what you saw, tell me what you saw.

What the? Hollyoaks has merged into real life. "Summer" from Hollyoaks is really going to play "Maria" in the sound of music. And her name is Summer and she really is in it cause I saw a poster today on the tube. Does that mean that "OB"(her beau) is real? If so, I had a dream about him the other day and I am now hopeful that this will also merge into real life. Imagine that! Me going out with OB! We could double date with Max and Steph. Although I suspect I would hate Steph.

I forgot to tell you my good news! I'vee been promoted at MTV. As of April 1st I will be Channel Operations Manager for NORTHERN EUROPE. (This is for 7 channels no less.) Impressed are you? You should be.

I went out on a date last night and it was ok. I really must stop mentioning that I have a blog on dates - it was pleasant enough. We had two drinks and I didn't SMOKE. Thats right. Impressed are you? You should be.

In the next couple of weeks I am going out on a non-date, with an old friend on the Thames Clipper no less. He was quite bothered that I didn't mention this in my blog - so much so that he reprimanded me on Facebook demanding to know why this information was not included. So! Here it is. I am going on the Thames Clipper and I intend to have a great time.

I have yet to check that linkage driver thing on my laptop. I'm putting it off I think, what a chore! Tonight I won't have time either because I'm meeting Heatherly Beverley for a drink in my local. (There's a one-eyed cat in my local and a puppy)

Talking of cats my friend told me that her pal is so obsessed with cleaning that she cleans her cats paws with wet wipes whenever the cat comes in from being outside. Cats are the cleanest animals there are. Their tongue is the water and their paws are the sponge. Everyone knows that.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Is she really everywhere or a reflection?

My face feels like its cracking. Last night I slathered on the fake tan and now I smell like biscuits. That oughta impress 'im tonight eh. I woke up this morning and parts of the fake tan had stuck to the dry patches on my face creating a leopard print effect almost prompting me to call in sick. After much scrubbing, my face is flawless and hurty. Exactly the effect I was going for.

I am actually going to EAT DEMON (the internet *cough* provider). For many months now I have been trying to get Internet at my house to no avail. The light on the Modem (ADSL one), flashes intermittently and everything in the world SUX. Last night I spoke to a man at the Tech support team (I really have to psyche myself up to call them these days) and he told me to download "drivers" from the speedtouch connection site because of error message 1024. What the hell is he talking about? I said that to him "What the hell are you talking about? I don't even know what a driver is." And then he said I need to download onto my memory stick a 32 bit one and 64 bit one. I think I've found the 64bit one, but I can't see the driver that is 32 bit. He said I need to try both. Can you see it looking at this link? please have a look and tell me. I can't see it. I want to cry.

At the moment I am reading two books. Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up" which I was dubious about but is actually a good read and isn't all back slappy about stand-up and thus I don't feel like one of those loser (never gonna make it) Stand-Up's who no-one liked at school thus they want to be famous to be accepted in life. Its actually very good. I like the bits about hypocondria best. I'm also looking at Belle De Jour but this is really for erotica purposes. Its a bit samey after a while.

So I've had my results from the ECHO (echo) and I am FINE. Damn this anxiety. One of the symptoms of Anxiety and I quote is "Fear of impending doom". This is very true. You feel extra stupid explaining to friends/family that you think you might die, but people who suffer from anxiety often fully believe this. Even as I type this I think, well when I die my ghost will haunt you and say "I told you so." Completely irrational but a very real feeling.

I really have to be more tolerant of people. There's a lady on my DLR who I call "coughy lady" cause all she does is cough. But not because she has to, its obviously just a tourettes thing or something. Its sounds like she's clearing her throat (all the time). Anyway, I avoid her at all costs but today I didn't get on the first two trains cause they were too busy and then I waited for a third and it was empty and I went to get on and then "coughy lady" ran on and I was trapped.

I met a boy on the bus today who works at my work who looks like "Little Den" of Eastenders fame. He was so manly he just had a T-shirt on and its FREEZING. We walked to work together from Kentish Town (cause Camden is SHUT!) and I felt all embarrassed cause he was so 'Little Den' like.

I've been reading a very decent blog lately called "Home for tea". Please see the link to your right.


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I swear I never meant for this...

Karaoke was loads of fun & I was by far the BEST singer in the pub. Everything was going really well up until I decided to give them some Tenacious D and "Tribute" - and this Bromley crowd looked perplexed. I can sing it word perfect even down to the "shiny being's" grunt/pig snort. They genuinely looked a bit scared. Not to worry, I redeemed myself with some Abba.
I drank far too much and was more drunk than I have been in a while/week.

My hangover the next day was EXTRA evil, also I slipped up on the smoking and had 4-5 fags. (I'm back on the wagon again now - day 4). It was extra depressing because I was in Orpington and I had to thrash out my hangover in my old single bed at my parent's house. Whenever I end up in my old room, in my single bed I always feel a sense of failure. Specially when I'm suffering the same hangovers I did over ten years ago, as a single lady. But instead of being 19 I'm 29. Depressing.

When my hangover started to cease my dad took me back to Greenwich for I had a date with the Pictures and JUNO. One of my friends did pre-warn me that the language and delivery in this, is similar to 'Dawson's Creek' ("Don't burst my perspex bubble, Dawson!"). She said that I would eventually get over this factor - for the language in Dawsons Creek angers me greatly. I did sort of get over it, but Juno did SLIGHTLY irritate me. However I really did enjoy the film and the actor Michael Cera was so good in it that it prompted me to buy and watch Superbad the following day. Which was ACE.

That night (saturday) I was woken at 1:30am by someone DRINKING AND DIALLING me. yeah! Haven't had that for ages! I was a bit too scared to answer it but on reflection it would have been ok, cause the caller was calling from Norwich. 01603 was the area code. So thus they'd never have been able to get to me in time to attack me. Who could it be? A man scorned? Someone who secretly loves me but simply cannot say? I'll never know. How exciting.

Sunday was spent doing chores and watching the Hollyoaks Omnibus. I also went to Canary Wharf shopping with my new pull along shopping trolley. I was unsure as to whether this made me look quirky or simply nobbish.

This week I don't have loads planned. Tonight tiz fake tan time! Tomorrow I have a date. I have said to the (lucky) guy that there is a two drink rule. As in even if we like each other I just wanna do two drinks cause if I don't like him its really hard to escape from these things. He has agreed and we have been chatting on Email and he seems very pleasant. Another guy emailed me and asked me if I wanted to play a game! And I replied "Yes, so long as its not the game, 'Lets All Murder Leanne'..."

Till next time.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Just cause you're raising the bet and call the shots now...on me.... OOOOH!

Can't believe its friday already. Probably cause I spent two of the days this week in my SICK BED. Thats right - and I'm still SICK. (But not sick as in good - Sick as in bad.) Thats right. Cause you care don't you. Is anyone actually reading this blog? No-one comments anymore - can you please comment. Even if its just to put "COMMENT." Then I know that my innane ramblings aren't falling on blind eyes.

Tonight I have karaoke as discussed in yesterday's blog, Saturday I expect I shall visit my Nannie and then Saturday night I'm going to the Pictures to see "Juno". One of my friends highly recommended it to me in the week. She said she cried throughout. Just what I need. A good cry. Can't remember the last time I did that. I'm like "Johnny 5" me. "Why are my eyes leaking?" I say to my baffled friends. And then we all laugh.

I'm in a funny mood today. Don't really wanna talk about the dating thing cause I might be being stalked by a date-ee.... (not in a physical way but in an internet way) I will have another update on this date thing next week when I've "taken care of business" as the American's say.

I will also have some very good news next week which I can't divulge now as its top secret but next week I will reveal all. Not all! But some.

I'm going back to the gym next week cause by then I will be feeling BETTER, so... I can do some pumping of iron etc...and making of my fat disappear.

Ok just a short one today - Have a good weekendo.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms...

Just got back from the hospital having had an ECHO (echo) scan of my heart. And to be perfectly honest I don't feel very reassured. The lady that did it said they'd be in touch.... I said is it anything serious? And she said "No not serious serious." great. What does that mean? I really really wish I had the same head on my shoulders that I did a year and a half ago. The one where I didn't worry about stuff like this and didn't let it consume me. Oh well, just got to wait and see I suppose. I know, I'll do that counting of my blessings thing.

Here they are:
I have a lovely family
I have lovely friends
I have a nice flat that is mine.
I have a good job
I have good boobs
I have nice cats although one is bitey.
Recent events that seemed all wrong have been a blessing in disguise (disguised as pain, anguish and rejection - Oh YOU!)
The help is out there.

Tonight I'm meeting with Ms Caroline Mabey, who I haven't seen for a good while so I'm looking forward to it. We were supposed to go Lindy-hopping tuesday just gone but I was ill so now we've moved it to just drinks. I expect we'll get merry although I've really not been drinking anything lately, well not since friday. Not bad for me. Its all thanks to listening to anthony davis on LBC (my mate) who was talking about units in alcohol and I worked out I'm not sure of how many are in certain drinks. Thats not very good is it?! So! New plan - watch the units.

Still not smoking - day 4! Tres bien.

Tomorrow I'm going to Karaoke with some old friends from TV Travel Shop in Bromley. They're all a jolly bunch and I haven't seen them for years. Good old TV Travel Shop! GREAT DAYS! What about the time when Mr Motivater (real name DEREK) came round to us Call Centre clerks and tried to motivate us to sell more holidays! Didn't work unfortunately - personally, his colourful spandex put me right off.

Right thats ya lot for today. Having a bit of a day - will be more jolly tomorrow

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

You go back to her and I'll go back to...

I am SO ill! I have a common cold and also a chest thing going on and a hacking cough. Its evil. I got it on Friday and its got progressively worse as the days have dragged on.

But lets not bore you too much with my illness and disease. Let me take you all on a journey of the last few days in my life. Thursady night (V-Day Fun Night) was spent having a jolly time in Covent Garden. In the end there was only 5 of us! Caroline Clifford was busy PUKING everywhere and Hev and Kerry had other excuses but the rest of us went for it in style. The place Guanabara (I think thats how you spell it) is very much like a Butlins. Not that theres anything wrong with Butlins, but scenes such as this one below would indicate an incredibly Butlinsy feel. And you wouldn't be wrong.

We left Butlins and headed for a disco in Covent Garden. This was better however there was a large amount of men out ALONE. I could see their point. There were many a gaggle of women out in droves too, so I'm pretty sure many got lucky. My friend Karen met this absolute NOB in the disco we went to after, known only as "cardigan man". He was a right cock. When I left, cardi man had some other victim pinned up against the wall. If you're reading this cardigan man you are a cock.

Men actually seemed to be wearing very feminine clothes... For example in Butlins there was a man with bulging biceps yet sporting a ladies blouse. We spent many a laugh trying to snap him in the back ground.

In the end he spotted us and happily posed. Not sure if he realised that it was to laugh at his Top Shop Top, but hey, they always come around in the end. Ah great days.

Look how happy he is to be next to me.
So all was fun on the night and we didn't get bitter or anything, I then rounded the night off with a Fillet O Fish in McDonalds. I love em. Why ON EARTH do Macdonalds not deliver? See how I've written McDonalds two different ways? This is because I'm not sure which spelling is correct.
Friday I had the day off, and of course a massive massive hangover. THANKS ALOT COCKTAILS
Friday night was date time. I was so looking forward to this date and I have to be careful what I write cause I accidently told him that I write a blog and there's a danger of him stalking me on Google and then coming across the blog. Come on now, we've all done it. So, what I will say is, it was nice date and I did much drinking and I think we got on ok but it may well have been Mr WINE talking. I don't think we had the same sense of humour, and I'm not sure if that will work for me. I think he liked me though... God what a big head I am. I'm just saying! Thats the impression I got. Anyway I'm going to date others and see what happens. One thing I have noticed is that my decade of career moves seem to be quite impressive to others and its made me feel a bit more worthy about myself so that can't be bad can it? Unless I turn into a woman with a huge head and have to squish through doors as I shout "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'M A BIG HEAD"
Saturday I stayed in as my illness fell upon me. Sunday I stayed in as my illness began to envelope me. Monday I stayed in as my illness engulfed me. Tuesday I stayed in as my illness ate me.
Sleep has been extra evil or lack of it. On Sunday night I couldn't sleep but remembered that my pal Anthony presents a show on LBC 1-5am so I texted him to see if he was gonna be on just before hand and he texted straight back to say "Yep" and then gave me a lovely "hello." Nice man.
So I've ceased smoking! I know! Not bad eh? I'm not going to be smelly anymore and much more attractive to people. How cool is that? I know.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm...

So Happy Valentines Day one and all! I'm very much looking forward to tonight's escapades. The theme is a traffic light affair (which I have informed the manager we shan't be getting involved in). What happens is, people who are "up for it" wear GREEN....then AMBER if you're not sure and red as in NO THANKS. So why would you be out boogying on V-day without partner if you're not up for it? And what exactley is "it"? One of the girls in our party has accidently worn a green jumper to work today. Accident my arse. Most others are wearing black to appear mysterious.

So I had my date last night and it was very pleasant. When the date ended I genuinely thought, "how pleasant, I didn't sense much feeling there but how very grown up of us and what a thoroughly nice/good looking guy." AND I walked off and didn't stagger. I didn't think I'd hear from him again but he has contacted me today to ask for another date saying he had a great time - and like Molly says "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" so I have accepted. I feel all grown up. Thats probably because I'm nearly thirty. Well, I will be in September.

I have already started to plan the party. The theme is "My Super Sweet Sixteen" which is a programme on MTV. But obviously this will be "My super sweet thirtieth" and I'm going to film a spoof of the show before-hand in the build up. Like.... Screaming at my mum for not letting me have the dress I wanted from Primark and also filming me handing out the invites to all my friends. Showing their eager faces as they all hope that I might invite them and so on. If you've not seen this programme on MTV you're missing out.

The next MTV programme to come out is Kerry Katona's documentary "Crazy in Love". Unfortunately, there's a guy who sits behind me at work who of late has been recording from the rushes for this show, Kerry saying things like "Get your arse downstairs NOW!" onto a little tiny tape recorder...... and then stuffing them into cuddly teddys, no doubt as a "prize" for some lucky viewers. Its very annoying. She looks like a mental case on the show so I'm sure the viewing figures will be sky high.

I've taken tomorrow off work WOO HOO. And I have my Tesco delivery coming woooh clanky clanky! YEAH! What a saddo I am. Friday I've a date in Greenwich and Saturday night I'm out in Bromley because my mate Lisa is escaping to Spain.

We're going to a bar I haven't been to since new year 2004/5. One of the worst new year's of my LIFE. When it came to the count down at midnight I'd just ordered a load of drinks and I had a tray and had lost my friends. Everyone was chanting 10! 9! 8! 7! and so on... and I couldn't even do that cause I had a big heavy tray and then everyone was all cuddling and that and I couldn't find my friends or drop the tray. I vowed I wouldn't go back there but here I am, 3 years on doing just that. I hope the same thing doesn't happen again....

Enjoy the weekend ladies and gents.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I held on as tightly as you held onto me...

OH-EM-GEE! its Valentine's Day tomorrow. I hate Valentine's day its such a drag, I can barely get to my desk with all the sack loads of fan mail. And the roses! Well, I'll just say now lads, don't bother. Its a waste of paper and flowers. Give them to someone else, and I'd best also say now, that I don't read my own fan mail (despite what my publicist says). Yeah just send it all to someone less deserving. Its the right thing to do. Well. Thank God we've sorted that - so no-one's gonna feel embarrassed tomorrow when they come into work and discover no cards or flowers. This is fine, cause this is what I requested. So no embarrassment there at all. None whatsoever.

So! Tonight's DATE DAY numero uno. I've got the West Side Story "Jets" theme running through my head. "The Jets are gonna have their way tonight.... "...(Not that way) I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time have a sense of *sigh* - can't be arsed. I know that sounds a bit rubbish, but I am much more looking forward to Friday's one and I'm not sure why. Not bad going though eh, sandwiching V-Day Fun twix TWO dates no less.

Talking of V-Day Fun - the plans are shaping up nicely. There seems to be around 10 of us who are coming along. I have selected a bar in Covent Garden and its one where there is an option of wearing COLOURS to signify your relationship status. God is there not enough of that surrounding Facebook? I'm loving the face book invite picture for this event. It shows three women laughing and pointing at a man. Makes us look like hysterical freaks. Excellent. Start as we mean to go on.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

And its you when I look in the mirror...

Whats with the mist? Its so depressing, much like the book "The Fog" by James Herbert. I'm so looking forward to when spring has sprung, its gonna be ace.

So, everything seems to be going ok with the dating thing. I have one on Wednesday and one on Friday. Wednesday's is an animal lover. I think animal lovers are the way forward because they have less murdering-tendancies which is always a bonus. Murderers are SUCH nightmares. I'm not sure what the protocal is with this dating malarky. Are you supposed to exclusively date? I think thats silly. I mean look at the Americans I mean, when someone asks them out they say "Sure!" I've seen this countless times.

I dunno, maybe I've watched too much Sex And The City. I watched the entire box set and I have to say it was ok. It gets boring when Carrie says things like "Meanwhile across town, Samantha was getting some monkey loving of her own." When really Samantha is just having sex. She's always talking in riddles is Carrie Bradshaw. Also I dislike that when she walks down Manhatten..... she walks, then jogs, then walks then Jogs all the while clutching her er....clutch bag. Sometimes she turns in a circle whilst gazing up at the sky all in awe-like. It makes me cringe. Imagine if I did that walking down Camden Town. Why, I'd look like a mental case.

I think that about Eastenders too. I don't really watch it much. I stopped watching it when me and my old flat mate Katie, got a bit too into it and would often have the discussion "Minty or Den". (Dirty, not little Den - obviously if it was little Den, he'd win hands down). And then when she chose Minty over Den I thought, right enough of this silliness. CLICK and off went Eastenders, (sort of) forever. But yeah Eastenders. I know the storylines are totally unrealistic as with their large town house homes etc... BUT when they have a dialogue say in someone's house and one of the people in the conversation are just looking out the window and still speaking to the other person who's on the sofa its SO weird.

I mean, imagine if I was chatting to my friend round my house and I just went to the window and gazed out of it forlornly and started saying "I remember when I was 5 and I would go and get an ice cream srewball from the ice cream van and blah blah blah etc" wouldn't my firend think I was really strange? I think so. They should address that. Eastenders, you should address that.

Monday, 11 February 2008

You and your friends, boxes of ten...

I had a jolly weekend starting Friday night in Quinns in Kentish Town Road. Ironically the "Hawley Arms" had no place for an MTV crowd that night. Probably for the best. Lots of fun was had at Quinns and I had sambuca shots for the first time in about a year and a bit. The same thing happened as usual. Watery mouth extreme. I then dropped a glass of Vodka and Cranberry on my foot, it didn't smash, just caused excessive bruising. OUCHY. I did flitting around and then it was time to go.

A couple of days before the weekend I signed up for a dating site and I have to say it was nerve racking to say the least. I tried Internet Dating a couple of years ago and it was OK. I met a guy and we ended up seeing each other for three months, and then he chucked me. HA HA. To be honest we literally just went out with each other cause we were there and after 5 years of being single it seemed an easy route(ing). Oh well.

So I've tried again - and I have to say I've had some nice emails from seemingly nice men. Hopefully going to see one of them this weekend. Hmmmm - should be a laugh if nothing else. I have convinced one of my mates to do the same (she split up with her bo after me) and she needs to be treated nice. We were slightly worried that we might get contacted by the same men, to be fair she is very beautiful so I'm expecting her to get inunDATEd.

V-day looms and there's a group of us going out on the lash in Soho on the said night. Don't worry its not going to be SISTERS are DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES stylie. Possibly some shrieking and that type of thing and general drinking and saying things like "Fuck em. They're all bastards." NOOOO! Not at all. I am not a man-hater in the slightest or I wouldn't be back in the dating game again. I really really like men, especially some that I know. I just think that some men are incredibly basic. Thats all. No hate there, just an observation.

So, Saturday was meant to be spent searching for a new sofa and chair and then off to da pub. But whilst in DFS my head started to hurt (probably those freakish sales men) and all of a sudden I got a migrain. They are EVIL. They give me blind spots and slurred speech. WUBBISH. Had to go to my mum's and lie in the dark for 2 hours! Only to be woken by one of my mates informing me that Camden Town was on fire. And it WAS! Bloody hell.

MTV was evacuated and everything! I'm going to look at the aftermath today at lunch although the wreckage is just across the canal from us. Thank you canal.... as scabby as you are, you saved us. The Hawley Arms is done for, apparently tiz to be pulled down. As much as I disliked the EMO extremeness of the place, I wouldn't wish that on the pub. Not nice. And all our photos on the wall will be gone too. :-( boo. The owner Doug had lots of nice things in that pub too cause I remember when we had a karaoke night upstairs in there for MTV and my mate Joel accidently dropped a speaker through one of the tables and it cost us £300 cause it was a one of a kind table, along with most of the other stuff in there too. Boo.

Anyway - before my migrain kicked in we managed to agree on a sofa and sunday morning my pa and I went down to get it. (order it) the salesmen in there are mentalists. If you ask them a simple question like...."So, 12 week delivery time you say, is that the longest it would take?" The response is this... " I've worked here for how long is it? How long is it? Seven years? Hand on heart seven years. It is seven years isn't it? Yeah seven. Hand on heart I've only known one time. No tell a lie, two times when the......." FOR FUCKS SAKE. "YES OR NO?" NOB FACE.

Lovely Paul David has sent me his Anxiety book. I can't say enough how great this man is. is the website and it rules. I am really really feeling so much better and its all down to him. If I win the lottery, he's getting a wad of cash. Talking of the lottery I watched it on saturday night. (Like the whole thing.) NEVER. AGAIN.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Its my creation - is it real?

So! I've moved. I know. End of an era and all that. The only thing I will miss is my blog and my video's so I have moved the blog to here (obviously) and I'll put my video's on Facebook.

Who's with me??! I said "Who's with me?!?" (at this stage Dorothy should stand with a goldfish bowl and say..."I'm with you Jerry Maguire! (orLeanne Diggins)" And then we'd leave and then you would have a little boy who tells me facts like the human head weighs 8lbs etc. Then the numbers of the blog would go down but then Cuba Gooding JR would rescue me and loads of people would come and read it. And I would say "Show me the readers!" And then I'll have built it so they'll have come....

Has anyone heard the song "To build a home" by The Cinematic Orchestra. Its simply lovely. Its sad but lovely. I recommend whole heartedly.

I do hope you get used to this place I've brought you to. I hope you stay.

OH yeah Caroline Clifford has a great blog - and its got picures and EVERYTHING and when I get my head round the very simple "blogspot" I'll add her link. For now though here is the page to visit daily

Its GREAT. I love her. She loves me. Its mutual.