Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Everybody's watching but nobody cares....Oh wait no, nobody's watching but everybody cares. Oh whatever, talk to you later...

I have butterflies in my tummy and I can't get rid. I think its because I'm entering this competition and I really wanna win. I have to think of what I'm going to do for it and its making me NERVOUS but excited too. YAY. Not gonna say what it is yet cause I'm one of those weirdo superstitious types. Or am I? Yes, yes I am. I still find it uncomfortable to walk over three drains. What a freak. The other day I saw one magpie and I was in a bad mood and said under my breath "Fuck off Mr Magpie I don't give a SHIT about your family." Then I thought, that's torn it, bad luck coming my way now. So do you know? I actually apologised to a BIRD. What the EFF? Yep, I'm cool. Its official.

So I decided to get involved with GMAIL. All my interweb life I've been a hotmail girl and I'm starting to notice how many people are going over to GMAIL. And the other day I used Gmail Chat when I was at the radio station. My name was Arnold. How odd. Anyway so I thought well I know about 10 people who are on the G Chat but only 5 on MSN. So I signed up for an account but I can't get the chat thing to work. It might be because I have no one to speak to on my list. It says I can invite people to chat but when I try it doesn't work. I tried to get Caroline M involved but she never got the invite. Or maybe she doesn't wanna chat with me?! Nah course she does. Ah well. Stoopid G Mail. How interesting.

I went to the gym yesterday as promised. It wasn't as traumatic as I'd envisaged. My arms ACHE today though, but I'm going back this arvo and then RUNNING in Regents park tomorrow. I know. I've changed.

Oh Em Gee, I've just downloaded Metallica's Unforgiven. I caught a snippet of it the other day as I was walking through Camden and I thought, ah GREAT DAYS in English class back in the day. I used to also listen to Rage Against the Machine's classic, "Killing in the name of." I was a naughty 16 year old in class and I distinctly remember listening to this song on my personal stereo in Mr Coales's english lesson and mouthing the words "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me." right to him. He was saying "Leanne! Stop that!" And I was like "What? Its not me, its the words to the song. Its not me, its the RAGE." I got kicked out of his class for 2 lessons. I had to go into group 7. (I was in group 1 so that was quite a knock.) They were all reading Beowulf I seem to recall...

Its Catface Comedy next Wednesday (8th). I think you should come. I've gotta rehearse the dance thursday night and its going to be HOT. As in sweaty. YEAH that's how I likes it.

And on Sunday of course its SW1 radio. I've just downloaded some great great songs so you know what to do. Sunday 10-12pm www.sw1radio.co.uk thats right. You better bring it.

Until next time.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Do the things that you always wanted to. Without me there to hold you back...don't think, just do.

Monday already. This last week's flown by. I've been on the naughty step for most of it. I put myself there, but you know when you just think, Jesus, again? So I'll explain what I did, this can be kinda like confession. Forgive me blogspot for I have sinned. Again. Ah its not really that bad, just went out last wednesday and got STUPID drunk and did STUPID stuff. It was one of those, "suddenly it was the next day" type situations and my friend annoyingly could remember everything. Don't you just hate that? You think you're as pissed as everyone else and then you have THAT conversation with someone and they're all like "And do you remember when you were lying on the floor?" "And do you remember doing 500 sambucas?" "And do you remember storming out of the pub after having a go at an innocent individual?" BLAH BLAH BLAH. No, I fucking don't remember. Sorry. Apologies Apologies Apologies. Evil, cheap wine. Can I come off the naughty step now, please?

Thursday evening I met up with Hev Bev which was great because she's a cool cat. She posted a comment on my facebook wall saying "Are you hungover?" Thursday daytime so I responded by saying "not really but regretful, now say something on my wall to make me look good." So she wrote "Hey Leanne, was really great to be be working on that new show of yours. Can't wait to see you tonight. Love Hev xx" Thus making me look great. Then she posted on my wall "PS: Have you seen my new website www.makingyoulookgood.com" And I laughed, alot. Because I know a few people that seem to conduct their "friendships" in the public eye. As in, on their facebook walls.

A few messages back and forth is cool, but like constantly? I get stuff coming up on my "feed" showing proper consistent communication through use of facebook wall from people and its weird. What are you saying "Look Everyone! We're friends! YEAH! See? LOOK! Its proven I write on their wall LOOK and they reply, SEE??? and we do it ALL the time!". When actually what your saying is, "This person won't give me their phone number." And if they have, you don't feel comfortable enough to use it. Thus you are not friends. Case closed.

Friday I had the day off and went into Greenwich to buy a couple of books from Waterstones. I read the first one that night and the next morning. It was coool. "A kind of intimacy" by Jenn Ashworth. This was one dark book but really really good. I'd recommend whole heartily. Saturday night my friend Karen came over and we went to Bar de Musee in Greenwich. It was a real laugh. But then this man came over and started chatting us up and I was sending him especially negative vibes to make him go slur over someone else. Suddenly he said something to my friend Karen, and she started saying "She does not! Fuck off!" and I was like "What did he just say?" and she said "You don't wanna know" and I was like "WHAT!" And she said "He said you look like Ashleyne out of Big Brother..." FFS! BLEE she looks like this.


So that was nice.

Sunday I had the radio show and of course having only had 5 hours sleep was a bit annoying, spesh with the clocks going forward. Still, had a good time but was SOOOO tired. Sunday Afternoon I was taken out for a lovely lunch by my friend Lee. It was very nice and he said my eye colour is orange and that I have nice hands.

I am still massively tired today and I need sleep. I'm going to the gym today, back on track with that and going to have a VERY easy week. Need some respite I think. I trust your weekends were all jolly.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Now if she does it like this, will you do it like that? Now if she touches like this, will you touch her right back?

A weekend of ups and downs. Friday night I went to a party in Camden for a good friend who's leaving after 15 years at the company. It reminded me that in just 3 months I'll be doing the "walk of pain" away from the job I've had for nearly nine years. Virtually all of my twenties.

I woke up on thursday morning at around 4:30am, I'd had a bad dream about my last day at work and for the first time, I actually cried. (its not the first time I've EVER cried you understand, just the first time since knowing I'm finally leaving MTV - I cried.). I'm starting to get worried about what I should do and what indeed are my options. I'm kinda doing "an ostrich" at the moment because it seems too hard to face the reality. You see, all of the things I want to do clash. The sensible plan is to get a job straight away, and the not so sensible plan (but God, the one I want most) to go back to Oz for a bit, all clash like a big clashy thing. BAH. When I've made my decision I'll drive for it, but my gosh, which avenue to go down?

Anyway back to friday night. We had so much fun, I was actually pretty nervous because this is the beginning of the end at MTV. All of the old skool massive are on their way out to make way for the fresh faced youth all clambering for a place at MTV. If only I were more of a hermit, I'd never have struck up the valuable friendships I've made in this job ;-). At one point I lived with a lady (Patsy) for 18 months. So we worked together, lived together and played together. We never got bored of each other's company, these were proper good times. Like, you know those Summer evenings where you look out across the sky there's a beautiful pink hue hanging in the air and you're with good company (maybe there's a beer in your hand, maybe not) and you just think, you know what? Life's pretty good, and I'm really, really lucky. That's how it feels when I look back at those days. Ah well. Life goes on. We're all in this crazy boat together even though, there are some we'd rather not sail with.

Anyway - onto Saturday. I was supposed to be going to see Ma and Pa for some lunch action. When I got to Lewisham the train was out and it was a rail replacement bus sitch. GOD. Anyway - I got on the bus and was being magnified through the window by the beating hot sun. An hour later the bus wasn't even nearly in Grove Park. (this is like 7 mins down the road from Lewisham usually). There were children on board the bus and at first, the fart noises they were making at each other were pretty amusing. After around 29 minutes of this though I wanted to smash the window - with their heads. Ok I didn't, but I was getting pretty frustrated. Also, there was a man behind me muttering hateful stuff. Like really dark shit and it was really agitating me. I was thinking, what happens if he's a murderer and he gets so angry with this bumper to bumper action that he stabs someone. Like me. Anyway, in the end I had to get off and head back to Greenwich. Depressing. I went for a wander around looking for earphones (I'm still wearing the sad head phones at present, right now infact) and could I find any? Of course not. Good old Greenwich. I gave up and gazed over the Thames trying to look a bit thoughtful and clever. But then I realised I just looked depressed so headed back to the old homestead.

I was all set for a depressing night in when luckily good old Katy on the 5th floor texted me to see if I wanted to come up for a glass of wine. Of course I did! So up I padded, in my slippers. Totally turned a thoroughly uneventful day into a much better one. You see? You never know what ya gonna get.(did I really just quote Forest Gump? Yes it seems. Apologies.)

Sunday of course it was radio day. I really really enjoyed this. I'm so glad I have this to do on sunday mornings. Sunday arvo my Ma and Pa came over for some lunch (Lasgagne, Salad and for afters, Apple Crumble and custard) and they could tell I was feeling mizog from the saturday traffic debacle, so they brought me a food parcel like in the good old days. Nice one Ma and Pa. We had a right laugh, really really good fun. I love it when we spend time together and its like that. They also brought me a tiger finger puppet I'd left round their house. I expect they thought I could use it.

In the evening my friend Brooke came over for a cuppa and it was fun. I also found this the perfect opportunity to get my tiger finger puppet out and make him speak to it. I'm SO cool.

Right onto other news. THE APPRENTICE IS BACK TOMORROW. I'm going out but I'll be BBC iplayering it on thursday. I can't wait! Its always good times when Sir Alan and co are back on our screens. You know it means summer baby, I love it. LOVE IT.

Tonight I'm seeing Ms Mabey for a couple of beers, tomorrow karaoke and then thursday some Hevver Bevver action. Yeah!

OK better go, till next time.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

What a place to seal your fate.....a deserted car park, not even a date.

Hey there! Well, what a beautiful few days of sunshine. I've been going on long walks at lunch to the likes of Primrose Hill and London Zoo. Obviously not actually IN the zoo but outside lookin' in.
These are the animals I've seen. Llamas, Camels, these big dog things with massive ears, this horse like thing that has a Bear's head and zebra legs (weird eh?) its well strange and its name began with the letter "o" oh, and some birds. The Llamas and Camels live together, I 'spect this is because they both do regular spitting. Think that's a bit harsh if that's the case.

When looking at the Llama enclosure I had a flash-back to when I was little at London zoo and I remembered there used to be elephants in the enclosure where the Llamas now reside. So sure was I, that I could remember my dad picking me up to look over the wall so I could see the elephants. But there were only Llamas there now! Why would I have this flashback if Llamas lived there? Did I dream it? A boring dream if so eh? Then,THEN! The next day I went up to the top of Primrose hill and there was a map and key informing us members of the GP what all of the old buildings are on the London sky line. So, like, oh look, there's Canary Wharf, oh and there's Centre Point etc. And there in bold print was a sign pointing to the "ELEPHANTS ENCLOSURE" being where the Llamas now live! I find it strange when I know stuff that I think I've forgotten. I can barely remember going to the Zoo, my mum and dad soon stopped taking me because I always ended up in tears. (I can't stand the dull look in the big cats eyes as they pace up and down, almost in a trance.)

I used to be a bit of a 'mare with the old animal stuff. Like once when I was about 9 my mum took me to Gerry Cottles Big Top Circus and there were Zebras there. I saw the ringmaster (maybe even Gerry himself!) cracking his whip to make them run around. Just then, I saw him whip one of the Zebras and I was in complete bits. I cried so much, that afterwards my mum marched me off to see the Ring Master himself to "explain" why he whipped a Zebra. (She didn't like me to be sad you see.) And this ring master (maybe even Gerry himself!) said that the crack of the whip would only sound if contact with the Zebra HADN'T been made. In short he denied the whipping incident. Still I felt saddened by the whole thing.

Woh, massive tangent there. Sorry.

Anyway, here's the point. There isn't one. And there never is.

What else? Oh yeah so Tuesday it was St Patrick's day and a few of us went down to "Pat's Pub" in Camden. It was cool but got pretty drunk as usual. I decided to update my facebook status on the way home. And this is it in copy and paste form:

"LEANNE DIGGINS is on the train from charing cross but sgiukd being less boring instead. I'm not even irish people. Not even irish."

I think that equates to a great night out eh.

Last night had a very different mood to it. Its been a year since my friend Collin died at the ridiculous age of only 37 and we had a remembrance drink at the Hawley arms in Camden. His wife Kelly was there and I spent some time with her to find out how this last year has been for her. Obviously its been horrendous and I can but only imagine the way she is feeling. Here's a link to this time last year and a photo of my friend.


Right, what else... I have a pretty busy next few days. Tomorrow night I'm off out in Camden for a big party, Saturday I'm at Ma and Pa's for some lunch action, and Saturday night possibly another party. Then of course its the Radio Show Sunday morning so can't go mad the night before. (You oughta listen to the show though at 10am Sunday morning)
Next week I'm seeing Caroline M after way TOO LONG and also there's Round 2 of Karaoke action down at the K-Box in Leicester Square on Wednesday. Should be fun if last time's anything to go on. (Can't find the blog from that session but I can assure you it was utter madness.)

And finally a man next to me on the train today was eating an apple in the most annoyingly lip smacking way, that I FELT SICK. Its a deal breaker for me it really is. You MUST eat with your mouth closed, its basic man. BASIC. On top of this loud lip smacking, I was looking at my Blackberry when suddenly a lovely shower of juice from his Granny Smith mixed with his spittle went all over the screen of my phone. What do you say to that? It was an accident right? So I went " Ew Gross" just like a teenager. Great days on South Eastern trains.

Anyway - better go. Bye

Monday, 16 March 2009

So, throw those curtains wide. One day like this a year would see me right....

Finally, FINALLY some decent weather. I appreciate blogging about weather might seem a little dull but that's just tough because I love it!

Before I do though I'll tell you a little bit about the weekend. Friday night I took my team to the pub. Aren't I nice! Yes I am. Then we all left at a reasonable hour and I went home and watched Comic Relief on TV. I dunno. There's something depressing about that show.

During Friday night I was "washing up" and I accidentally flung red wine down my matte white kitchen wall. This did it for me. I'd been putting off a trip to Wickes for long enough. Loads of stuff has been going wrong in my flat that requires Wickes action to right it and the wine incident was the last straw. I hate this store though. HAAATTTE it. Stinks of BOY. The whole thing intimidates me because as independent as I am, DIY is something that I can't do, it always goes wrong and I normally make the situation worse. Still, I had to go.

I called up a couple of girlfriends and asked them their advice on what to buy. I knew I needed some paint for my kitchen wall. Karen helpfully advised me on this, she said I needed one with a silk finish. Great! On my list it goes. S-I-L-K F-I-N-I-S-H. Now what else? Ah! Halogen bulbs for the kitchen. I managed to stand on a chair and get one of them down, to show the man in Wickes. Next, varnish for my coffee table cause its look all patchy. No-one had a clue about that so I'd have to wing it.

Next, my full length mirror in my bedroom. Last week I'd taken it off the wall to practice my Catface Dancing in front of (I know). And when I went to reMOUNT it, the left hand screw pushed right back in the wall. And now there was a mini hole. So Louisa said I needed this thing called "No more nails filler" or something. So I put that on the list. FFS. The whole thing SUCKED. Anyway, eventually got to Wickes and NO ONE helped me! NO-ONE. There were TOO many paints and also I wasn't sure of the type of white (I Know!). White is white right? Wrong. WTF. How anal can you get. Anyway - after a traumatic HOUR trying to choose everything I stomped off home.

First thing was, the varnish thing did NOTHING. Just stank. And then I moved on to painting and this silk finish thing looks shit and the white is too dark. So now my kitchen is patch city. The main thing is, the red wine splatter has gone. And then with my mirror I just stuck some plastic in the hole cause I couldn't get the "No more nails filler" gun to work (even though on the bottle it said you don't need an applicator) So now my mirror is completely crooked. Infact the only thing that worked was the replacement of the halogen bulbs. Bloody DIY.

Anyway - after this I was chatting to my mate Rachel on facebook and we decided on an impromptu meal out in town. We went for a LOVELY Japanese meal and I got home at a reasonable hour ready for the radio show sunday morning.

Now onto the WEATHER. Well. What can I say? There's alot to be said for Vitamin D isn't there! I found myself grinning like a loony at perfect strangers and saying "Morning!" to randoms. It was ace. On the way back from the show I walked over Waterloo Bridge and it was lovely.

I then thought, I bet Karen's still in bed! I'm gonna ring her to tell her how she's missing out on the nicest day in a long time. She appreciated my call and we agreed on a picnic in the park. My ex-boyfriend bought me this picnic hamper/rucksack thing after me going on about how much I wanted one a couple of years back. He and I only ever used it once. We had a half-hearted game of Frisbee in the park and then an argument. (Those were the days when we were just starting to dislike each other.) So, it was nice to get some use out of it finally. Its got a salt and pepper pot and everything. And on the side is the area for the wine! So I filled those. Also I got a new picnic blanket (the old one had piss all over it, don't ask). We had LOADS of fun and it was so busy in Greenwich but kinda like I was on holiday!

Anyway, these boys kept throwing their Aeroby near us, I suspected this was on purpose and told them so. "Nice one lads, if you wanna say Hi, you don't have to pretend to throw a Frisbee at us."

And now it's nice again! YAY! Please stay weather, you make me happy.

Until next time.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel...

Yeah! YEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! Catface Comedy last night was wicked!(even if I do say so myself). It seems that someone liked me yesterday because there were like NO hitches. Nothing went wrong, all acts were great, all dancing was great, all audience (SOLD OUT BTW) were great. I'm properly happy. The night was also featured in the London Lite as the pick of the day. That never happens either.

The audience seemed to be having a mental time and they ALL got up at the end for the crescendo dance. Also, I actually enjoyed myself too cause although its normally great fun at Catface, I'm usually rushing around or stressing and all that jazz. But not this one, I just laughed. Alot. Happy days. I'm not sure how I can top that night for the next one (April 8th) but I'll fucking try. Huge thank you goes out to all of the acts from last night, and also thanks to those acts who stuck around for Catface madness at the end. And massive thanks to Louisa, Lauren and Robbie, the Catface Comedy TEAM. WOOOOOH! High five homeys.

Oh yeah and you know what? An actual punter asked me out at the end! What's going on? I'm not sure, but it's jolly nice. WOOH.

I only made it into work today at 12:45pm but that's just what happens after a night of Catface. Today there were sniffer dogs at Camden Town tube and I wanted to pat one but the dogs didn't wanna sniff me. Then I remembered that I needed to get the London Lite to see what the pick of the day had said in it. So I went up to one of the TFL men at the station and asked if they had a copy of yesterday's paper knocking about. So the TFL man leads me through to this secret room where theres recycled paper bins. And lined up along near the bins are policemen searching about four druggies. I stepped past them gingerly in case I was accidentally pronged by a stray needle. You know what those stray needles are like. BOINK! Doh now I have hepatitis.

So tonight I am just chilling with my homeys (fish) and then tomorrow its pay day. Thank fuck for that. I sense a Tesco's delivery coming on - life doesn't get much better than this folks.

Oh yeah - back on the radio this Sunday at 10am! You MUST listen. www.sw1radio.co.uk and click listen now.


Monday, 9 March 2009

Stop, stop talking 'bout who's to blame, when all that counts is how to change.

SO! I watched two films this weekend. The first was utter pony. "PS: I Love You" Which I had read in book form and thought, I bet the films alot shitter, and do you know? I was right. How unusual that a film would be worse than the book.... Here are my comments, Gerry (man who dies) although was ridiculously good looking had the stoopidest irish accent I have ever heard. He actually sounded like a proper leprechaun. Like someone doing the shittest impression ever of an irishman. Would not recommend.

The 2nd film I watched was called "The Secret" and it was recommended to me by all my non-achieving friends. So its like "Do you wish you could have everything you want?" And I'm like "Er no.... I mean, YES! YES I do." So I watch the film and its pretty good actually but quite long and very very dramatic. And for a whole hour after, I was having like, all these positive thoughts. That's good isn't it...

I had a really nice weekend. Friday night the plan was to go for a couple of drinks with one of my team but after a couple of wines she invited me round to her mate Nick's house cause her and her boyf were going. SO I was like, well its in Lewisham, so why not right? Round we went and we played Sonic the Hedgehog on the megadrive (SEGA!) and danced around and took LOADS of photos. How much fun can four people have! LOADS. Just add a megadrive, a camera and a window that wants climbing out of intermittently.

Saturday evening I went to Louisa's 30th birthday party in Clerkenwell. Twas good fun and we did lots of dancing, got home at a respectable 2am. Not too bad for a Saturday night.

Sunday I went for a walk into Greenwich. The cutty sark's supposed to be back up and er...sitting. And it wasn't. I walked up through the naval college and to the park where a huge storm proceeded to emerge. I DLR'd it home and sat watching it for a bit. Was Monsoony.

This week it is of course Catface Comedy (Wednesday night) at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon Road. Starts at 8pm come one, come all.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

All the clever things I should say to you, they get stuck somewhere, stuck somewhere....

Wow Friday already YAY. I'm loving the smell of spring today.

Lauren and I met last night to run through the dance for Catface Comedy on Wednesday next week. It's in the form of R&B and its HARD. I keep getting really knackered when doing it but I practiced it last night and I reck I'm getting there with it. Should be pretty funny I hope. Just in case you wondered, Catface Comedy is on next Wednesday and its almost sold out so if ya coming you need to get involved with some facebook action and join this group. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?sid=10b6d895036e31ab40e2178520b68455&gid=44117679473

Anyway, what else... There's this guy who works in Camden Town and every time I walk past he always says Hello and totally embarrasses me cause he's pretty letchy and when I go to walk off he's still shouting down the street at me. Today I walked past and he was like "Hey where you beeeen?" and I was like "Erm... no where." So he goes "I've not seen you for ages" And I'm like "Seriously I've been here, anyway gotta go" So he goes "What time are you finishing work?" so I'm thinking I don't want to tell him incase he leaps on me as I walk past. So I quickly thought up a cunning plan (lie) and said "5:00PM, I'll walk past then." And he's like, "No you won't, you'll come in and talk to me, you're beautiful.". Well, that's an offer I can't refuse eh. I just kinda ran off. What a weirdo. Needless to say I'll be walking a different route back to the tube tonight.

Had another issue like this at London Bridge Station. So I'm just waiting for the train and this guy comes up to me and goes "Me and my friend were just having a bet about where you're from. And I think you're Australian." And I was like all flustered and go "Um nope I'm English" and he's like "For real? But English girls aren't usually pretty." And so my inner monologue was like, fuck off, they bloody are. But then I thought, hey maybe he's trying to compliment me! So I get all embarrassed and start saying, well this bag says the word "Sydney" on it so maybe that's why, or maybe its cause I'm wearing sunglassess... (I carried a watermelon) stutter, stutter stutter etc. So I go "Erm thanks" and then luckily my train pulled in and I leapt on. I know the above are kinda complimentary but it makes me feel all flustered and uncooooool.

Met up with that guy Brooke a couple of times this week as well. Note to self though: He doesn't need to know my views on Seal bashing in Canada.

This weekend looks fun. I'm going for a quick drink after work tonight with my team and then off home. (That's the plan anyway) Then tomorrow is pretty free, but I'm gonna walk up to the observatory as usual for some view of London action. Then Saturday night I have my good friend Louisa's 30th Birthday party - coooool. Sunday is going to be ace cause I don't have to get up for the radio show (not that I mind usually but its nice to have a lie in eh?) Hurrah. Will be back on the show next Sunday so never fear.

And finally, watch this. S'funny.


And this:

Have a great weekend y'all.

Monday, 2 March 2009

I know you won't believe it's true, but I went with her 'cause she looks like you. (My God)

Woh a busy week which saw me out every single night last week - my first night indoors was Saturday just gone and I was shattered.

So, last week, yes. I did the Davina DVD at my friend Louisa's on Tuesday and it bloody hurt. No wonder she looks so great! For two days it felt like my thighs were literally seized up for good - so tight were they I could barely move. I must say that the Davina DVD is much better than Natalie Cassidy's "Then And Now" excercise vid. Which should be named of course "Then and Now and Then again". Made me cringe so have sent it back to LoveFilm. Once again Love Film, I do not love.

Wednesday I met up with the legendary Hevver Bevver in Greenwich for a couple of beers. I love meeting up with her cause it totally rights my head. I was gettin' a little cufuddled last week about certain issues and doing lots of questioning myself, but since meeting up with Heather, I'm clear again. The same goes the other way, if she has an issue we can talk and talk but keep it simple so that hopefully she sees the light.
She stayed the night and what I love about seeing her is we wake up the next day and the first thing she says is:
"And you know, I just need to examine all the of the options with teaching... ya know?". As if we'd never even slept - continuing right where we left off.

Friday was spent out in Camden Town of course. (Of course!) A couple of the guy's from our team were leaving so it was a bit of a mini Reunion with loads of old faces out. It was nice, cause a guy who I had a mini-fling with last year was there and I was able to chat to him for a bit. Its sometimes a lil' awkward (for me anyway!)when I see him but this was cool and all normal, which was ace - line drawn under and on we go! S'how I likes it.
Also, I hung out with my buddy Simon who always makes me feel lovely. (Specially when we're doing sambuca shots.)

INfact! I can't believe what a great night it was, normally I end up making a dick of myself at these things. I can't for the life of me remember doing that on this occasion. Granted I told a couple of people about a waxing experience I'd had that day (in detail) but that's ok! I even got the last train home. Happy days.

When I got home I decided to call my mate in Australia to tell her how much I missed her, was 12noon there and I thought that highly amusing. Why, I do not know.

By Saturday my flat was looking extra tip-age and I had to be up early, for Lauren and Lou were coming over for a slap up luncheon. That was a CHORE (not them coming over but the clearing up of all the crap). Lauren got over at 11:30am to start the cooking (she has to learn... She can't cook so I've told her that now she's got a beau, she should be able to cook for him.) Louisa turned up about 12:30pm with some white wine and soda water. WELL, it would be rude not to sample the wine I felt, so proceeded to share a couple of bottles of wine with Louisa (Lauren went off to her trapeze lessons(!)) until around 4:30pm. At about this time I got a call from my friend in Australia telling me how much they missed me, all drunk. Ah loving the drinking and dialling this weekend, its been frequent.

Stayed in Saturday and did my nails. How girlie. Then Sunday was up bright and early for some SW1 radio action. It was OK, but I wasn't massively happy with it and the links. I've noticed that my concentration isn't so good so really have to er....concentrate on that. After this Lou and I went our separate ways and I came back to my flat and did some chores and cooked myself a Roast Chicken dinner YUM. A nice weekend all in all.