Tuesday, 20 May 2008

That's not my name, that's not my name.

1: I had a pedicure and now my feet are made of ladies.

2. I'm thinking of getting my pubes lazored.

3. I am in love with my dentist.

4. That's not why I'm getting my pubes lazored.

5. I have booked my flight to Australia.

6. I go to Ibiza in less than a month.

7. I'm finally doing podcast stuff this friday with Okse cause he's coming to visit yay!!

8. I'm back on a diet.

9. I've got the snuffles.

10. My teeth hurt.

11. I hate that poster of the man with the belted chest about heart attacks and chest pain.

12. I watched Broke Back Mountain. Didn't like it much.

13. I cried AGAIN at Gavin and Stacey last night. Like properly.

14. Cried AGAIN at Dr. Who

15. Still culling on Facebook.

16. Going to see some impro tomorrow night I reck.

17. Still looking for more MCing work.

18. Still looking forward to SW1 Radio.

19. Couldn't sleep the other night so joined in with LBC Radio, London's biggest conversation - cause me mate Anthony was presenting. I commented on Cruises and kids of today.

20. And finally, I really love my dentist.

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