Thursday, 15 April 2010

You are someone else, but I am still right here.

Helloo! I'm sorry I've not blogged for ages but I put it down to having no routine just like Contented Little Baby Book. 8pm - Baby writes Blog.

SO! Its been a while.... I've come to the conclusion that I'm to remain an average lady size for all of time. I've been trying to become addicted to the gym, its hard though as my gym smells of BO and has many men grunting loudly whist lifting weights that make these horrid veins appear in their neck's. I just think my love of food and my love of sitting around aren't great combo's for a slim bod. OH WELL!

I mentioned babies above and there's a reason for this. EVERYONE'S PREGGERS. EVERYONE. Even the people who were never maternal are sporting bumps and discussing nursing and latching on... Its making me very very not broody. Sure I quite like kids at times but only polite ones and ones that say funny things. Also not ones that govern conversations or ones who make loud baby noises in the back ground when I'm on the phone to my pals. Tell them MUMMY IS ON THE PHONE will you? I just don't think I'm cut out for it....yet. In a few years for sure. But I watched that One Born Every Minute and the sight of different women MOOING in agony week in week out was exceptionally off putting. I have to say though that I am VERY pleased to hear that my friend Cheryl is pregnant. This in my mind is a miracle baby and I'm genuinely over excited for her. Well done Cheryl bum you should name the baby, Catface. Or Leanne. Or both.

In other news everything is going swimmingly with my boyfriend. I know! Who'd have thought it? I'm very, very happy. He's a true Catface. Although it didn't take very long for him to start doing lots of parps in my company. I'm forever exclaiming loudly "PARDON?" Oh well no-one's perfect. He's been looking after me whilst in this interim period of unemployment and it's the strangest feeling to have someone who can do that. No disrespect to my church mouse exes, but my, its lovely to be taken out and not have to go DUTCH. On the job front I have a rather strong lead for a role that I'm incredibly excited about but trying not to be incase it all falls through. If I get this job though I swear I will never grumble or complain ever again. I would actually advise anyone in employment to never take their role for granted - sounds an obvious thing to say but you'd be surprised- I've learnt alot. Especially from the Benefits system. Well, its given me a broader idea of how this country is run and therefore come the election I shall surely have a strong X to mark down the local church hall I can tell you!

A few weeks ago I got that horrid stomach flu bug thing that was going around - it was evil. These days if I ever chuck, its down to self infliction so when for NO reason whatsoever I'm in central London in the day at a meeting at an agency and I feel an utter compulsion to use the lav this knocked me for six. I soldiered on thinking it was nothing, when all of a sudden I was overcome with my old friend Diavomalemma!. Which end would it come from? Front or back? And I was stuck in London and couldn't get on the train home. Evil. When I finally managed the journey from Charing Cross to New Cross 15 minutes I had to get off the train twice! Poor boyfriend - I was like the excorcist. Happy days! But I'm all better now! It actually helped with the weight loss thing so every cloud.....

I've not been to see any bands for ages and I'm getting a bit bored. Sure its nice to do the couples going out with couples thing but after a while it makes me feel a bit, I don't know....false. Can't put my finger on it but I miss going to gigs so I will book to go and see a band soon. The last concert I went to was A-ha and I went on my own! It was at the o2 as well! hahaha. Warren dropped me off there and I could see him thinking as he pulled away "what a weirdo" but I didn't care and skipped off to the entrance thinking there's BOUND to be others going on their own. I was so wrong. The seat that I was situated in, in my row had only ME in it and as the lights were up in the arena I was on full display to the other A-Ha revellers. Even the extortionately priced pint of beer didn't help me - but as the opening song came on (sun always shines on TV) a couple sat in the row behind me ad lo and behold I knew the bloke in the couple. My mate Aron! I was like HIYA!!! He was like "WOW hiya! who are you here with?" And I was like "" HA! and we ended up having a great old time! So there! I might be a weirdo but at least I can go to a concert at the o2 BY MYSELF.

Right I better get on with my day - but I will write more frequently I promise.

Until next time....