Thursday, 19 November 2009

One journey for you but it's worth it, one life here with me and it's magic....

And again, I'm sorry. I see people are still regularly visiting me' blog so felt I should write. I really have no idea why I've been so slack as it's not like I'm rushed off my feet or anything.

Well, all's good with me. Except still jobless and have now signed on. WELL! That was a task and a half. The forms are LOOOOONG. It makes me wonder how Jeremy Kyle guests manage it. The hoops I've jumped through have been many. I wonder if the Jeremy Kyle contestants just get someone else to do their forms for them? Either way, I've done it. The term 'sign on' is something I've often wondered the meaning of. Do you SIGN ON something? No. You don't, you have to just go and get questioned. I didn't even know what I was entitled to and I called up their head office in Northern Ireland and stated my situation. The irish lady I spoke to asked why I hadn't applied? And I said I didn't know. And she said "Well, you can't very well live on fresh air can ye?" And I thought, well actually you can because fresh air has oxygen in it and that's how us human-beings stay alive but I didn't want to split hairs.

In other news I've been hanging out with my boy and watching copius amounts of reality TV. X Factor (or as I hilariously call it SEX factor...oh har har har), Strictly Come Dancing and of course I'm A Celebrity (erm...) get me out of here. I was as shocked as the rest of the bored people in this kingdom that Katie Price has re-enterered the jungle. However having studied her behaviour it is clear to me that she is being very submissive and planning to win back her fans after the Team Andre/Price debacle. I suppose it doesn't take alot to work that one out. In her DEAD voice she explained that "The fairytale is over and I want closure". But really Jordan, REALLY, you're just sick of being hated aren't you. Which is fair enough, no one wants to be hated. But could you do it in a LESS obvious way? Have some dignity maybe. I love that word, dignity. I've noticed that on Katie's face there's this weird RIDGE that juts out above her top lip. Looks like a beak.

Other than that I've joined the gym again because I have lost all endorphine activity to my brain. THe gym's in Lewisham and there are many beef cakes there who intimidate me with their veiny muscly arms. I've taken to bringing my head phones and becoming engrossed in This Morning to distract me. The gym's good as it gets me off Facebook. I've become rather addicted so have now not updated my status for a whole week. Shocking.

Everything's cool with me and the boy and we have muchly plans for the future. They mainly centre around me getting a job but details, details. He's a good man and puts up with my cat noises which would be a deal breaker if he didn't.

Hmmmm how long till its time for the Apprentice to come back? :-(

Until next time...