Friday, 23 May 2008

I see you falling, how long to go before you hit the ground?

I've become even more obsessed with Alex Wotherspoon of The Apprentice. I've only just caught up with this week's episode and it was the funniest yet.... Although I was sorry to see little Raef go. BOO. Oh Alex, I know I'm five years your senior and a bit on the tubby side, but lets run away and get married, you can start a business and I'll do your typing. I'm really rather good - 60wpm.

I think I must be in season cause last night I had a dream about Sexy Psycho Sean off Eastenders. I know why I dreamt of him, its cause I was watching 'stenders the other day and I was thinking how very lucky Tanya was, cause she's got Sexy Psycho after her AND that nice man from The Bill. I bet Minty's well gutted being lumbered with Hevver. haahaa. Anyway, in my dream Psycho Sean was being all Kill-y. He said he wanted to kill me! I "convinced" him not to. heh heh heh. Good old psycho dreams.

This week's been fun. I went to see a mate in a show which was pretty good. A few years back we'd had a little, ya know.. thing. Anyway I always try to be reserved whenever I see him but as alcohol's usually involved this never normally works. This situation was no different for I distinctly remember towards the end of the evening, casually pointing at him whilst chatting to his mate and declaring knowingly, "He's well good at shagging he is". Great days.

Good news. Catface Comedy (stand-up) show is BACK! Starting 3rd July and it's going to be better than ever. SOOOOOOOOO exciting. It's on at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell the first thursday of every month. The room's well nice, really kitsch (hate that word but only adjective for it) and all coool like down with the kids etc. Come along its going to be ACE.

Tonight my friend Okse is coming to stay, we're doing podcast stuff and catching up etc. And tomorrow I have LAVIS FEST in Oxford. Should be much fun. Monday I have drinks in Southbank and then I'm going to go watch the Gong at the Comedy Store cause one of my friend's is in it so want to support. Bank Holiday is always mental there and last time I went I found the audience most unruly.

You have yourselves a good bank holiday ya hear.


christina martin said...

Alex may be cute but does he have the Raef hair? No he does not is the answer to that particular rhetorical question ;)

Leanne Diggins said...

This is true. BUT! He is SOOOOOO pretty, you cannot deny that Ms Martin. x