Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ask yourself this question: Do you want to be rich?

Right, I've ordered a "Fit Bug" and this time I MEAN IT. No more silly eating/drinking/sitting etc. I couldn't face Weight Watchers today cause I just know that I won't have lost anything. Nope, drastic action is in order so I've retrieved my gym bag from under my desk and I'm taking it home tonight to wash its contents. Baby steps eh.

I had a really pleasant rest of my weekend. Sunday my pals Lauren and Sophie came over and I cooked us a sumptuous roast dinner and for afters we had Sara Lee chocolate gateaux. Thats right. I ate loads and couldn't move.

Last night I went out on a date! I had decided to jack in the old web dating thing cause of late I've been meeting people through "natural causes" so thought there was no point to the interweb. But then I got an email from someone and I thought I'd give it one last go and agreed to go out on a date last night.

I have to say I wasn't really looking forward to it initially (felt knackered yesterday) but when I got there I soon cheered up as he had bought me a pint already on the back of an email he'd sent me to ask what i drank at gigs! Men these days aren't usually so chivalrous so that was a real plus point. And we actually had a jolly time so I was pretty pleased all in all. Didn't even need to enforce the two drink rule.

The rest of the week for me is a QUIET one, not only owing to lack of funds but also because I have been over-doing it of late on the going out front. Some real sleep wouldn't go amiss ya know. Its bank hols this weekend and I think the girls and I are going off to Brighton on sunday weather permitting. So that means we probably won't go.


nick said...

pet shop boys? hmm

Anonymous said...

Hold on, all this sounds familier. Your life seems to be a cross between bridget jones and a unfunny sex and the city. Is that the point of this blog? Are you being ironic and this is all tounge in cheek humor, or are you so self absorbed that you feel that people want to read about you? I can't beleive i've just sat here and read this. That's 30 seconds of my life that i'm never getting back.

Leanne Diggins said...

Big? Darcy? Is that you?