Monday, 26 July 2010

Don't believe the things you tell yourself so late at night - you are your own worst enemy, you'll never win the fight....

Good morning! It's a Monday morning and I don't feel blue. I think it's because I've embarked on a new regime which involves NO SMOKING and Slimming World. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I gave Slimming World a go a few years ago but where the leader was all fat and deluded I didn't end up sticking to it. (its ALL her fault)

Also this whole either eat PROTEIN (red day) or all CARBS (Green day) thing didn't really work for me. BUT since then (1998) they've changed it and you can eat loads more stuff. SO we shall see. Also I've REJOINED the gym. I know you think this is all I talk about - but honestly my life is just a constant battle which I spose is a bit sad really. But my happy thought is being slim (and winning the lottery) and also being able to run for the bus without wheezing. I'm going to Spin class on Wednesday morning. I'm so nervous - whenever I've walked past Spin the women are all whooping and being all American. It's intimidating and cringey. On a positive note I have shed a stone since Christmas. I think that deserves a round of applause.

In other news I found out some more Bindi Irwin info. Apparently she's in the new Free Willy movie. It was her birthday this weekend and all kids got into Australia Zoo for free. I've studied her online and it's hard to believe that she's only 11. I'm not sure what I think of her - when I came back from Oz I found the hype surrounding her completely cringey but now I feel a little bit sorry for her - she seems sweet on this clip - but not aged 11, I think more like 37.
What do you reck?

On Sunday I was very pleased to see that Louise Rednapp (the most wooden, uncharismatic and unfunny presenter in the entire world) is no longer presenting on Something for the Weekend (BBC2 10am every Sunday). Gone are the days when I would shout at the TV during every link she'd carry out "Here's an idea Louise, have a POINT when you say something?" and "Where are you going with this?" as she'd waffle on about absolutely nothing etc. So that was nice. However I did notice that the male presenter on Something for the Weekend has fingers on his left hand that bend in very strange directions. Reminded me of the time I discovered JB's hand (Jeremy Beadle) and couldn't stop looking at it from then onwards...

What else? Hmmm oh yeah - I actually LIKE a Katie Melua song. Its called the Flood. I would recommend you have a listen. Also, I finally found out the name of a song I've been chasing for months. I only knew the tune and as the lyrics are all in french I was at a loss at ever finding the name of the track. But after rasping it semi-tunefully to several work colleagues eventually one came through for me.

And finally, Catface Comedy is BACK and on the 8th September at the Betsey Trotwood. You better come.

Till next time.....

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I am a woman, on a mission....

OMG! I am CRAP CRAP CRAP! I haven't written for DAYS! WEEKS EVEN!! Ok its months. I'm sorry. I wouldn't be saying sorry normally but people are still revisiting the page so I feel its only right to comment.

Here is an update:

I AM ENGAGED (sorry lads!)

I have got a job - back at MTV

I'm still a heffer (just not AS heffy as I was before)

I've been sticking to my five a day.

I'm 31 and in my PRIME (according to the Metro)

I went to Tel Aviv recently with work and to leave the country was an ULTIMATE nightmare. This is because I've been to Marrakesh before. I had my bags searched three times - I was taken to a secret room and questioned, had my shoes taken away - my hair unclipped and searched (I did have a rather large 'hive that day) and my phone text messages checked. I don't think a text saying "Everyone speaks hebrew!" is that much for them to worry about. Either way I was eventually escorted to the plane (I'm flying British Airways don't you know!) with an armed guard man - who had a hand like Jeremy Beadle.

Anyway - what else has been going on? Yes that's right, I'm engaged! My boyfriend went to my ma and pa's and asked for their permission and then presented me with a very beautiful ring on the first night of our hols. It wasn't as romatic as I think he would have liked owing to the Spain V's Germany match (we were in Spain). The German supporters kept blowing their Vuvu's and the Spanish were retaliating by honking their horns and letting off bangers. But we got there in the end and I said YES. So there we have it.

Yup I got a job back at MTV - mainly Project Managing and its much fun and lovely to be back.

And finally in light of the above - Catface Comedy can return as I have the cash to over see it now. SO! watch this space for dates.

I'll write proper soon. I do really hope you're ok. Thanks for staying with me.