Monday, 11 February 2008

You and your friends, boxes of ten...

I had a jolly weekend starting Friday night in Quinns in Kentish Town Road. Ironically the "Hawley Arms" had no place for an MTV crowd that night. Probably for the best. Lots of fun was had at Quinns and I had sambuca shots for the first time in about a year and a bit. The same thing happened as usual. Watery mouth extreme. I then dropped a glass of Vodka and Cranberry on my foot, it didn't smash, just caused excessive bruising. OUCHY. I did flitting around and then it was time to go.

A couple of days before the weekend I signed up for a dating site and I have to say it was nerve racking to say the least. I tried Internet Dating a couple of years ago and it was OK. I met a guy and we ended up seeing each other for three months, and then he chucked me. HA HA. To be honest we literally just went out with each other cause we were there and after 5 years of being single it seemed an easy route(ing). Oh well.

So I've tried again - and I have to say I've had some nice emails from seemingly nice men. Hopefully going to see one of them this weekend. Hmmmm - should be a laugh if nothing else. I have convinced one of my mates to do the same (she split up with her bo after me) and she needs to be treated nice. We were slightly worried that we might get contacted by the same men, to be fair she is very beautiful so I'm expecting her to get inunDATEd.

V-day looms and there's a group of us going out on the lash in Soho on the said night. Don't worry its not going to be SISTERS are DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES stylie. Possibly some shrieking and that type of thing and general drinking and saying things like "Fuck em. They're all bastards." NOOOO! Not at all. I am not a man-hater in the slightest or I wouldn't be back in the dating game again. I really really like men, especially some that I know. I just think that some men are incredibly basic. Thats all. No hate there, just an observation.

So, Saturday was meant to be spent searching for a new sofa and chair and then off to da pub. But whilst in DFS my head started to hurt (probably those freakish sales men) and all of a sudden I got a migrain. They are EVIL. They give me blind spots and slurred speech. WUBBISH. Had to go to my mum's and lie in the dark for 2 hours! Only to be woken by one of my mates informing me that Camden Town was on fire. And it WAS! Bloody hell.

MTV was evacuated and everything! I'm going to look at the aftermath today at lunch although the wreckage is just across the canal from us. Thank you canal.... as scabby as you are, you saved us. The Hawley Arms is done for, apparently tiz to be pulled down. As much as I disliked the EMO extremeness of the place, I wouldn't wish that on the pub. Not nice. And all our photos on the wall will be gone too. :-( boo. The owner Doug had lots of nice things in that pub too cause I remember when we had a karaoke night upstairs in there for MTV and my mate Joel accidently dropped a speaker through one of the tables and it cost us £300 cause it was a one of a kind table, along with most of the other stuff in there too. Boo.

Anyway - before my migrain kicked in we managed to agree on a sofa and sunday morning my pa and I went down to get it. (order it) the salesmen in there are mentalists. If you ask them a simple question like...."So, 12 week delivery time you say, is that the longest it would take?" The response is this... " I've worked here for how long is it? How long is it? Seven years? Hand on heart seven years. It is seven years isn't it? Yeah seven. Hand on heart I've only known one time. No tell a lie, two times when the......." FOR FUCKS SAKE. "YES OR NO?" NOB FACE.

Lovely Paul David has sent me his Anxiety book. I can't say enough how great this man is. is the website and it rules. I am really really feeling so much better and its all down to him. If I win the lottery, he's getting a wad of cash. Talking of the lottery I watched it on saturday night. (Like the whole thing.) NEVER. AGAIN.

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