Monday, 14 April 2008

On a flat roof, there's a boy leaning against the wall of rain, aerial held high, calling "come on thunder, come on thunder"

I had a cool weekend - although it started off a little shaky. I went to the Lockside Lounge friday night, despite my not being a fan cause it always gets dark in there (in my head). Friday was no exception. Even though I had a free hot dog I still managed to get outta control.....Telling people things I shouldn't tell them, and following people around I shouldn't follow.

Saturday morning I went through my list of regrets from the previous night's escapades and called kerry. She always puts things straight for me, and I felt much better once I'd gotten off the phone to her. After this I went to Charing Cross as I had a meeting with Electric Mousie types. I wanted to find out how they did stuff cause I'm considering running a venue in cahoots with them. Watch this space for more information.

Saturday night I went to Louisa's to watch Pushing Daisies. I thought this programme was absolute wank. And quite frankly Anny Friel's veneers are laughable. I know you need white teeth when you go to America but hers hardly fit in her mouth. Also the story line is far too sad to be funny.

After this I had a glass of wine and Louisa's mates Gary and Lawrence came over. We stuck on some music and pretty soon we were all doing salsa to Mark Ronson classics. Lots of fun had by all! I had met Gary before at a party at Louisa's and it had been extremely awkward cause when I was going to walk to the train station at the end, he'd offered to walk me there (out of chivalry only, no other motive). However, earlier on in the night another guy had seemed to take a shine to me and as Gary and I walked off down the drive he came running after us saying he'd like to walk me to the station too. So Gary goes "Ok I'll go back to the house..." And the guy goes "No we'll both walk her to the station." And it was really awkward and all done in silence. When we got there we all shook hands.

Yesterday was spent listening to Lousia and her beau puking and then coming back to mine to do chores and cooking. I really really love my flat and spending time in it, I feel so peaceful when I'm there just padding about. All that'd complete this would be a bengal tigey cat. I'd love him and he'd love me.

What about Mark Speight eh? And what part of Paddington station is remote? Apparently he was found in the roof of the station. I read an article on him yesterday from a Journalist who had briefly spoken to him the thursday before his disappearance and he'd allegedly said to her "Can I ask you somthing? Will I ever get through this?" Made me cry. Very sad and all a bit mental really. If someone had said to the couple at Christmas, "hey within 4 months, you'll both be dead"... Its just such a shame....And all a bit fucked up. :-(

Oh well. Hmmm need to end on a happy note. Ah yes, my sister is getting married on Saturday. The wedding and reception meal finishes at like 5pm and I'm staying in a hotel on the saturday night and I thought, I know, I'll look on Facebook and see if I have any "friends" in the Bournemouth network cause then we can hang out on the saturday night. But I have NONE! Outrageous. I'm really picky with who I'm friends with on facebook cause I kinda just wanna be friends with people who are my friends? Talking of facebook I am loving all the stand-ups who have started their own fan pages. HAA HAA HAA. The only one I have joined is Carl Donnelly's. Oh and Local Girls cause of her blog.

Right better get on with some work - soz da blog a bit melancholy, I actually feel ok.


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