Thursday, 10 April 2008

When I look on in your eyes and I find that I'll do fine...

Another eventful night out on the town! The plan was, myself, and my team would go to the Real Daniel O Donnell show at the Albany as one of my team is taking her leave cause she is preggers. Anyway all was going swimmingly, we were eating and laughing and stuff - I did my usual acting like a nob-head when someone good-looking speaks to me. This time it happened to be Alex Zane when he came over to say Hello whilst I was eating. My response to him was this absolute cracker "Oh Hi Alex, thats weird I was just thinking about you this morning... Oh no, I mean I was just listening to you this morning...on your radio show? On XFM?" Cringe. (I carried a water melon?) Then I went on about Willy Fogg for a while. I bet he regretted saying Hi. Oh well.

We were all settled in to watch the show, when suddenly, my pregnant team member came over all funny and fainted. It wasn't very nice as she had convulsions as well, at which stage she was unconscious with her eyes open. I immediately dialled 999 and ordered an ambulance. 32 mins later it arrived and the paramedic proudly announced to me that it was the oldest one in service. Yeah it shows (I thought). It stank of petrol and I got ambulance sick as we drove off to UCH maternity ward. By this time obviously the patient was talking and conscious but we needed to check the baby out. The mid wife did this and I heard its heart beat. It sounded like galloping ponies. She's much better now I'm pleased to say but a bit of a scary night to say the least.

On the way home I bumped into a girl who used to work at MTV who is sooo nice. She was pretty pissed and telling me all I needed to do was separate the boys from the men. She was telling the whole tube carriage this - it was most enlightening and I fully agree.

I've got the 2nd photo shoot tomorrow at the ETC theatre for Look Magazine. I hope this article looks ok and I also hope they airbrush my old lady crusty eyes. I bet they don't. They're not even doing hair and makeup now so don't blame me if I look all exposed to the elements. Bah.

So even after all the excitement/horridness of last night, I still managed to watch The Apprentice last night on BBCi. God its great. Now I've added another person to my list of men I love from it. As well as lovely Alex Wotherspoon, I now also love cockney Simon. He is SOOOOO sweet. What about when he accidently called Sir Alan "Alan". ahhhh... You can tell that Sir Alan really likes him. I hope either him or Alex win. Simon as he's good. And alex cause he's good. Looking.

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