Friday, 25 April 2008

Nothings gonna ever slow us down (do ya wanna go faster baby? Do ya wanna go faster?)

Very interesting gig last night. I was compering in Hammersmith at the Metro for a new act night (which was really a mix of new acts and old acts doing some new stuff).

When I arrived I saw Steve Bennett (a reviewer from Chortle) so immediately tried to work out who he was there to see. My questions such as "Why are you here then Steve?" didn't seem to work cause he simply answered "to see some Comedy Leanne". I was like "God don't you ever get bored?" to which he replied "No, do you?" To which I replied "Yes all the time." Still I was no closer to working out who he could be reviewing.

Anyway, the night was a free night of comedy - I'd forgotten what this usually means. Soon I would be reminded. The ratio of men to women was exceptionally good so this was pleasing. As the gig got underway lots of pissed people came wondering in but refused to sit down, instead preferring to stagger around at the back heckling (poorly) under their breath. Unfortunately they'd missed my explanation of the premise of the evening (new act night) and also that if they wanted to heckle they could heckle just me.

I felt that going back up and re-reminding the audience of this, may seem patronising to the acts - highlighting that some of their stand-up may not have been as well received as it might of. To be fair the audience (pretty much all of them) were MASHED. In the end I had to speak with the bar staff to say I may need to remove some of them and luckily he obliged in supporting me and I was to just give him the nod. One of the mashed men asked me if they could come back and do a spot another night which would involve him getting his cock out. Well! You can imagine what I said to that. Yes of course! *sigh*

Despite being really drunk most of the audience were quite obediant and receptive when I was on stage and the bar man said it was because I have teacherish tones, and Steve Bennett said that I might remind them of their mothers. Ha!

Later on when the last act was on stage, some hecklers at the back took offense to his political material and started saying things like "Get off" etc... It really was all a bit mental. One of those nights. Still, I have to say I quite enjoyed myself. My attitude to them could have gone either way but somehow the no-nonsense approach worked, and I seemed to be liked. My favourite part was when about 10 lads were all chanting "Strip, strip, strip." I felt truly loved at this stage dear reader.

One audience member in particular seemed to like me quite a bit - and he gave me his card. I think he might have loved me. Back of the net.

Such a strange dynamic in a room like that. My friend Louisa said she felt really initimdated by the crowd and especially felt for the very new acts cause you didn't know if they crowd were going to slate them. Sometimes they did, and other times they were so very nice. This very very new act who was only 19 was extremely nervous (and I don't blame him - pit and Lion springs to mind) forgot his train of thought and it was very uncomfortable to witness as the pause went on for a while - but the audience started clapping and cheering and shouting words of encouragement. It was actually quite lovely to see. I wonder if any of the audience will remember the night though... I very much doubt it.

So I read in the paper today a really weird story where a woman has been presented a £75 fine cause her daughter dropped a bit of her sausage roll (litter lout).... by the time the fine had been presented however, a sea gull had come down and flown off with the offending pastry but the fine was still given. What? What the?

So glad its friday although my weekend is unbelievably busy but should be a lovely one. Tomorrow I have a really old girlfriend coming over with her kids and sunday another couple of pals coming for sunday lunch. Lamb is the plan. My very very favourite.

I hope your weekend is of a high standard.

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