Thursday, 24 April 2008

I get a feeling when I look at you wherever you go now, I wanna be there too.

I'm being a bit slack with the old bloggy eh? So here's an update on my life. I've got a gig tonight at the Metro in Hammersmith where I shall be compering and becoming BEZZIE mates with the audience. I hope they're a friendly lot. I've got some new stuff to try but since thinking about it, I realise that one of the things I thought was fact about an animal is actually something I made up in my head. I can't believe my brain would be so cruel. It ruins the whole joke as its now built on lies.... so that just leaves John Prescott. ;-) (NO NO NO) Talking of fat people I had a really bad dream last night about this FAT beast of an ex of mine. Made me wake up with a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not just talking stale beer.

But on the man front things are still much the same. ALTHOUGH, I have got butterflies at present because of a certain someone but I cannot divulge who this be. So thank you for the butterflies lovely man. Its a nice feeling.

So why are people not commenting on this blog of late? Get commenting - there's always plenty to discuss so S'up wit cha homeys? Did you like that? I did.

So who wants to see my lovely nephew? Ok. Here he is.

He is a CATFACE!

So I'm going jogging Sunday morning in Greenwich Park with one of my neighbours on Sunday. She emailed me on Facebook and I was like YEAH! I'll COME. Then I wrote "EVENTUALLY we'll both look great!" and then I thought HOW RUDE OF ME! So what am I saying that now she looks like shite? I don't know her well enough to say stuff like that. I immediately sent her an apology. But yeah so jogging! Nice one eh?

Only 9 weeks time and I'll be in Ibiza (in the mediteranean sea) with Lauren and I am so excited. We're such old ladies we always go back to the same hotel and resort (cala Longa), right on the beach, not many skinnies knocking about so all good on that front - with Cairo's night club next door for our regular bouts of karaoke to wow the locals.

The hotel is next to another one called the DORADA. One year Lauren and I got very friendly with our hotel's "Animation" team during "Oops up Side ya hair" and they offered us a nightcap in the DORADA. AS we walked into the hotel lobby with our beers an armed security man started shouting at us. He managed to catch us as we tried to shut the lift door as we lamely told him what floor we were on (we both said different floors) and were swiftly escorted off the premises. When we got back to our hotel we proudly told our other mate (who'd gone back to the hotel room early) that we were "Rumbled at the Dorada!". We are REBELS. I'm hoping for more of the same this year.

If ya knocking about in the Hammersmith region tonight come to tonight's gig at the Metro - nearest tube is Westbourne park.

Oh one more thing, just seen George Galloway going down Camden Town High street on the top of a double decker bus blaring out RESPECT by Aretha Franklin. CRINGE.

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Louisa C said...

Boo - stop making me jealous with all your holiday talk!!