Friday, 4 April 2008

And nothing is impossible in my all powerful mind.

Last night I met my mate Kerry in Greenwich and we were discussing voting on the 1st May. Needless to say I ain't voting for KEN (With his stupid Chris Rabbit voice from Henry's cat.) When I got home I had my voting information waiting for me. YAY! I must be getting old, I'm actually looking forward to voting.

Kerry had just got a new haircut and she hated it. I tried to give her sympathy (I thought it looked alright) but I did laugh when she told me she'd said to our mate heather that she thought she looked like a Mum. And Heather said that that was unfair on Mums.

What a lovely summery day it is today! I even broke out in a sweat on the walk to the station. EVEN. Yeah Leanne, its cause of the hot weather not that you are completely unfit. Once again I have messed my diet up. I must secretly wanna remain a fatty. But the sunny weather made me feel all jolly and on XFM this morning they played "What a beautiful Day" by Levellers which is one of my favourite songs.

So... anyway.... can't think of anything else to write.

Will write proper soon.

Have a good weekend.

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