Monday, 21 April 2008

So lay down on the bed, cause now I've locked the door and we don't live out there no more.

So my sister is married and I am officially the last of the Diggins girls to get hitched. (There are only two of us but still...) The wedding was a small affair with no handsome best men to make a fool of myself in front of so that was a bummer although I did do crying in the registry office! (Unusual for me as I am made entirely of stone....)

I got an email last week from someone on the dating site I'm still signed up to. He seemed interesting as his user name is "Crazy Eyes". I've decided to live dangerously and have agreed to go on a date with him. He's taking me to see some Live Music. I thought that'd be a good idea cause then if his eyes become too crazy I can avert mine and concentrate on the band.

I'm thinking of trying out that "my single best friend" site. Which I believe Sarah Beeney founded. I think this to be a good idea cause look at Sarah, she's always preggers ain't she. One of my mates told me a funny story about this site which intertwined with a funny about Facebook.

This girl (we'll call her Clara) went on a date with someone from my Single Friend website and it went extra well. Then followed a second date which was also exceedingly fantastic. Meanwhile Clara was doing some basic house-keeping on her facebook page and decided to delete her relationship status so that no-one would know if she was single, in a relationship etc etc. On the news feed this shows up as "Clara is no longer listed as single." The guy she'd been seeing was due to call her that day and so far hadn't. When she checked everyone's status updates she saw that he had written "'Pete' is PRESSURE!" She texted him the next day and said "Hey how ya doing?" To which he didn't reply and never did ever again. All because he thought she'd deleted her relationship status and directed it at him. What. A. COCK. Get over yourself!

Talking of singles, I am outraged at the girl they use in the London Lite to represent single young ladies of London. She does a weekly article about her latest shenannigans in "London Tahn", and the trials and tribulations of being a single young lady. Not sure if the picture accompanying the article is the actual girl, but whoever she is, she looks like a gigantic hoe. With a "barely-there" slip dress and a stupid half smile which says nothing more than "Do me" I think this is most uncool. She is slightly better looking than the girl who used to do the single girl article for she had a massive chin. Still, looks like she's got a boyf now so who am I to judge?

So I've got a gig on thursday compering in Hammersmith which I am sure will be much fun. I have some new stuff to try out whilst making sure the audience are in JOLLY mode. Its a new act night I'm told so I'm also looking forward to seeing some fresh blood. And by that I mean handsome young men.

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Nancy said...

Sarah Beeny may well ALWAYS be pregnant but she ALWAYS have really rubbish hair. Frankly, I want more for you than that.