Friday, 11 April 2008

Wax me, mould me, heat the pins and stab them in.

Time it goes so fast. Friday AGAIN. Today was photo shoot day and it was ok actually, the lighting I'm told masked my weathered eyes. Hope so. Just gotta wait to see it in print now. I had a look at "Look" magazine and it seems ok - nice and glossy and a steal at £1.40. At least the article isn't going to feature in "Love it" or "Pick me up".

Last night I went to a candle party. Now before you make any presumptions about the jolity of this night - it was actually rather good. Its just like Ann Summers parties but no vibrators and cackling women. (Talking of Ann Summers, how annoying was Jaqueline Gold on celebrity Apprentice... OMG. She's a right old cow ain't she. I sang at her wedding don't ya know... She's now divorced, I hope I didn't jinx it with my spinster vibes)

Anyway, this candle party is the sale of nice smelly candles and holders, and whilst there were slight cringe elements to the proceedings (like the names of the candles) it was much fun. I jollied the night along further by doing drinking of white wine. After much candle sniffing I started to feel sick and had to leave the drink more wine. I knew I'd had too much, when I walked back in the living room and exclaimed loudly to everyone, "POO! It STINKS in 'ere." I left soon after.

So, I've quite an action packed weekend planned. Tonight, a couple of drinks after work I expect, Tomorrow day I have a meeting with comedy types in town. Tomorrow evening my friend is having a gathering in Beckenham which I shall be attending, and sunday I shall be watching Hollyoaks and Come Dine with Me omnibus's. Soooo exciting!

Have a good one.

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