Monday, 7 April 2008

If your right hand is causing you pain, cut it off.

I'm being featured in LOOK magazine. Not, LookIN, "Look". Thats right. All about how I work full time yet enjoy doing comedy in my spare time. I have a photo shoot for this on thursday at MTV and they're doing my hair and makeup. I have visions of me looking all soft focus and feather boa'd up. Do you remember that? Someone would approach you in the street and say "Hey! Wanna free makeover?" (maybe just I got offered the makeover) and all you have to do is buy the photos for three million pounds. And they always look the same. Soft focus, feather boa or silk wrap, black and white, pearl necklace sometimes...depending on how professional they were.

I just had the weirdest email conversation with someone about doing some compering work for them. It wasn't his fault at all, cause you know when you read an email in angry stressy mode, thats what this guy did. It just kept getting more and more confusing and he thought I was in a big moody. Reading my email back now I can see that it could be construed as being a bit negative but you know when you meant absolutely NOWT at all? I was being all jolly in my mind. Honest I was. Oh well. Powerful stuff is words typed.

I had a nice weekend. I got my hair cut at my pal Cheryl's house. Her little boy is well sweet, he's really unpredictable and even when he's a bit naughty he's not annoying. He was quoting Musical Youth lyrics to me as well. Top marks in my book.

Later on at my mum's, I was studying a Delia Smith cook book (not being funny but I am LOVING cooking at the moment) and I glanced up at the TV (and this just goes to show how powerful the human mind is) I saw a very brief image of a girl with her arms outstretched and wearing a white blindfold thus:

Now this haunting image must have stuck in my sub-conscious for about 20 years or so cause when I saw it Saturday I thought immediately "Watcher in the Woods"! I even forgot I knew the film. How powerful the human (my) mind is! Scary film! Recommend.

It snowed yesterday in greenwich. I phoned my mum to see if my cat Timmy was having a nice time in the snow and she informed me that it came up to his armpits. Lucky Timmy.

Going to Real Daniel O Donnel show on Wednesday cause one of the girls in my team are going off on Maternity Leave. Only problem is, I have decided to abstain from the devil's urine for the next couple of weeks cause I've got myself into all kinds of messes the last couple of weeks which I REGRET whole heartedly. I know giving up alcohol for periods of time is not a big deal for many people, and it shouldn't be for me. But when I got to a PUB, I expect to have a drink and one with a percentage value (usually 5% plus) none of this soda water crap.


Right gotta go.

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