Wednesday, 9 April 2008

What's a girl supposed to try, when all you do is criticise, pretty soon you'll realise...

Today AND yesterday on the tube I've seen different men pick things from their person and eat them. Yesterday a respectable looking guy picked his ear and ate it and today a man openly picked his nose and ate the booger. Its disgusting. I can see you eating it you odious creature. Gross. I used to go out with a guy who would scratch himself, & not necessarily his nob, and then smell his fingers after. So, even if he scratched his arm, he'd have a good sniff of them. I of course pointed this out to him but to no avail, he loved doing it I suppose.

Yesterday I had the photographer come in from Look magazine to do some worky shots of me. It was embarrassing but he was a nice man. I think we gelled. I was embarrassed cause I've got dry skin round my eyes so I look all weathered. He said they'd air brush that but who knows? Monday I had the interview for the magazine and I'm not sure but I think I sounded quite negative about comedy. I hope my words won't get all twisty turvy and make me sound like I hate all stand-ups cause I only hate a few.

Went round to my pal Kate's house last night who also does my website and we updated it accordingly. See here for info . Kate does make me laugh. She goes to me on friday "Do ya remember that MTV summer party where one of the boys went up and danced with a girl and he was right up close and when he came away he had a red patch of blood on him?" And I was like "Kate, that was in Superbad, you're confusing your life with a feature film." Ah bless her. Just like Bill Murray in Scrooged when he remembers his past life as Little house on the Prarie the home coming edition. Haaahaaa. Great days.

I am loving the programme "Pulling" at the moment on BBC3. Sooooo funny. I really recommend watching it if you haven't already. You can see it on BBC3 online. I watched Gavin and Stacey for the first time sunday night and thats quite funny also. Looks like things are turning around on Beeb3. Finally.


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