Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I don't want to hate but that's all you've left me with.

I've got a tummy ache today :-( BOO.

Last night I met my friend Caroline and we ended up in the Phoenix. That place is like a kebab. (I only tend to like it when I've had a drink.)

During the evening a man came to speak to Caroline and I at the bar. I kept saying Caroline was a stand-up cause I thought that might make him talk to her and not me. But it didn't work. So In the end I asked him out right, "are you married?" To which he said "yes." So I said "well can you go away please cause you're hindering our chances of pulling." To which he said, "Look, I don't like you and you don't like me." and I said "Correct." and so he said it again, to which I said "Correct." again. I think he was trying to reverse psychology me into saying "No I do like you honest I do." But the fact was he was right. Except he SO liked me.

Last night Caroline advised me to ask out a man I've really liked for a long long time. We devised an email cause I couldn't face full frontal rejection, and when she worded it it sounded so cool, so casual, so flippant. But as I go to draft the email now it sounds so desperate, so obvious, so silly. Its just I once asked a guy out at my work (in 2003) and the rejection was intense. This is how it went.

Me: "So er, Paul... Erm...! Would you ever um...come out........foradrinkwithme?"
Him: "ERM..."
Me: (Going red)
Him: ""
Me: "Its ok you can say no."
Him: "No then."

Great days.

So I booked tickets to go and see Avenue Q with my Ma. I know she'll love it - its so very good. The booking procedure was highly traumatic and inconvenient. I feel like voicing my concerns to Ticket Master but I can't be arsed.

Tonight I'm meeting Hevver Bevver for our usual catch up session - this again of course means I shall miss Sir Alan. However thanks to BBCi I will catch it later on when I get home. Phew. I must have my dose of Simon and Alex.

I have re-discovered a venue in Greenwich for a top comedy night so please check back here for details of when this will all be up and running. I also with the help of Caroline managed to get some funnys in my head in order - looking forward to trying them out when I MC in Hammersmith next week.

I'm off to Bluewater tomorrow for some buying action. Friday its off to Bournemouth for my sisters wedding. I still haven't managed to secure some facebook friends for the saturday night, so looks like its going to be cocoa and bed for me. Ah its going to be a nice day and its always nice to see my little nephew who actually quite likes me I reckon. I can make him stop crying by singing to him. Its more of a deterrant, cause he just stops crying and eyes me suspiciously. Does the job though. Baby crying does my head in. There was a child grizzling on the train the other day and it wasn't even real tears. Just kinda whinging. The mum seemed immune to it however and I think thats really selfish cause I'm bloody not. I did tutting and looking at her but to no avail. *sigh*

Right bye.

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