Monday, 3 March 2008

Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary, the ringing of the division bell had begun.

Ah a weekend of fun, laughter and tears.

Saturday is chore day in Cat County (thats my flat) so this is exactly what I did. I then called Demon (cause I felt strong) to say that the internet still didn't work despite my downloading said drivers. The lady was quite nice, her name was Sahana, but when she said she was going to get BT to check the line I started to cry. This is such a traumatic ordeal. 5 months this has been going on for! I had to leave the pooter on for 48 hours with the modem plugged in to find out the problem with the 'exchange' (whatever that is). God I wish I knew someone technical.

Saturday arvo I headed to Orpington and met my mate Steve in the White Hart - Leon showed up too. I was supposed to be heading to my mum and dad's for the family party next door were having. I drank 2 pints in the White Hart so was quite jolly by the time I got to the party. It was quite good fun - but I think my mum and dad were embarrassed of me. Oh well.

Sunday I did pretty much what I planned. Rolling around in bed and remembering that I am indeed 30 nearly and a BIG SPINSTER. Father and I then went to Comet and we got me a new TV! Its flat screen with built in freeview. Its soooo cooool. After this we went to visit my Nannie in the home. There's a really violent man there who's probably only about 60 so is quite tough. For some reason my face seems to aggravate mentally-violent people - and this case was no different. I heard a cufuffle and turned around and the man saw me and came storming towards me with a bitterly angry expression about his face. Luckily two nurses pounced on him and rugby tackled him away whilst I tried to keep my cool. I was thinking could I really punch an old man in the face? Well its me or you mate, and I choose me.

Reminded me of when we had a "Unit" at a primary school I attended for a few years (in Brackley). One of the children (Steven) had Down Syndrome and he used to beat us all up. He also spat on us randomly. I used to shit myself whenever I saw him. Another girl in the unit called Karen was also extremely violent. Anyway, one day Karen ran at me and my mate Rachel. We ran off to the toilets, and I went in one that locked and Rachel went into one with no lock, where you had to put the sanitary bin in the way. Karen kicked the door open and beat Rachel with her own Rainbow-Bright doll. It was awful.

Anyway - enough regression to more violent days. This week I shall be going away for a bit. But I will try to keep up to date with the blog.

Love to you all.


Heather said...

Are you sure it was a Rainbow-Bright doll and not a Care Bear with a rainbow motif on it's tummy?

Leanne Diggins said...

I think I know what Rainbow Bright looks like Heather.... GOD!! xx

christina said...

You were in Orpington on Sat. And I was in Bromley.
Good to see us both keeping it old school ;)