Monday, 17 March 2008

I'll tell you how its gonna be, don't you never ever come near me.

SIGH! Another weekend of being a naughty cat. I got SO drunk on Friday night and was a big cock. Still, for the most part it was great fun. I distinctly remember when the subject of sambucas came up saying, "NO WAY" but all of a sudden there was one slipping down my throat. And then I think another two. Combined with Lager. HOWEVER, I didn't succumb to Pork Scratchings, so every cloud eh?

I did that thing where you go up to someone and say "I used to hate you but now your alright." And then went swaggering off as if I'd just said something nice. Then I went up and told someone I fancied them and was quite full on. Luckily at the time he was quite drunk and seemed to like me back. But JEEZ. Have you no shame Miss Leanne? Lads like it when you are all shy and vulnerable not oafishly shouting for their attention.

Suddenly I was in Coco in Camden and was thinking "What the hell am I doing here?" This is a club. So I said to who I was with, "Simon, what the hell are we doing here?" to which he replied "My name's not Simon its ---------" and I was like "Yeah whatever. I wanna go home." Sooo slick.

The next day I had work and one of my special hangovers. (in case you don't realise, these are diavomalemma ones) so it was extra hard work. But an early night soon sorted that out.

Sunday was more of the same, chores, work and then bed. I watched White Noise and that was a bad move cause for the first time since moving I worried about ghosts. Even though its a new build I thought "what happens if it was built on an ancient burial ground?" and other such silly things. Didn't get to sleep till like 1:30am and thats way past my bedtime.

Its the funeral tomorrow for Colin so I shan't be posting. However I shall be back to normal-ness on Wednesday.

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