Friday, 29 February 2008

Guess I'm not the fighting kind...Wouldn't mind it if you were by my side... But you're long gone....yeah you're long gone now. YEAAAAHHH.

Friday already! Last night me and Heather went to my local (the one with the one eyed cat and puppy) and then we went for a curry. Well, I ate Chicken Korma which is hardly curry but it was still yum. And I didn't smoke. This is quite an achievement cause I was a little bit drunk. When we came back to my flat we played Jenga (except the version I have is unofficial merchandise and is called "Family Stack 'Em") so where I normally chant "Jenga! Jenga! Jenga" when its my opponents turn to psyche them out, I had to chant "Family Stack 'em! Family Stack 'Em!" which doesn't have the same effect and I lost TWICE. Here is Heather looking all concentratey. Look at her taking the game all seriously! Its only a game Heather yeah?

After this we decided to play Slinky. This game is usually only fun if one has stairs. I don't so we made some. It was ACE. I felt like Slinky was being really cute. But that may have been the alcohol talking. Here he is trying to make it down some special stairs.

You can also see the Family Stack Em box in this picture so you know I'm not lying.

I always have a good laugh with Hev. Good old 'Eternal Beau'.

In other news my sister has announced that she's getting married next month to her long term beau Jason. WOW this is pretty major and is excellent news. However, this makes me feel very very spinster-ish. I am very happy for her, but I do have an air of "MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA" about this. EG: "Why does Marsha always gets everything!" etc I gather dust on the SHELF. (her name isn't Marsha) Heather says she'd rather be on the shelf that in couple-doom. This is a good point.

Talking of weddings I saw a picture of two little monkey's getting married in India the other day. There were over 200 (human) revellers there to help celebrate this. The monkeys looked non-plussed, specially the lady monkey. She had a big wedding dress on with a train. Then when they got them to the "alter" they tied them in their chairs for a bit. And the monkeys were like "What the fuck?" Then they let them go and the monkeys just went leaping off in different directions. HAA HAA. Good old monkeys.

I actually want to go and see a stand-up show. Phil Nicol's "Hiro's Worship" there was a really good review on this in the Metro and it looks really interesting. I'm gonna go - not sure how long its on for though....

Do you know what? I think the worst film I have ever seen is Koyote Ugly. The reason I am thinking this is because I saw a sign saying "H2o" today on the way to work and I started to chant in my head "Hell no, H2o. Hell no H2o" and I suddenly realised where it was from and I was nearly SICK.

This weekend I'm going to a wedding anniversary party with my PARENTS. Its their next door neighbours and they want me to come as back up. I'm just curious to see the sons again. They're both married but I remember when I was 8 I really quite loved the youngest son (he was 14) and I used to go and chat to him at the bottom of the garden whilst he aggressively chopped wood for no reason saying things like "this is Mrs. Curtis's head". (Mrs Curtis was a teacher at our school) I thought he was so cool.

Sunday I expect I shall just roll around at my parents house in my single bed remembering that I'm nearly 30 and stuff.

Have a good one.

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