Thursday, 27 March 2008

All veils and misty streets of blue....


Two words. The Apprentice.............. Two more words. Alex Wotherspoon. Damn, he's fine. And only 24. I love them when they're young. More grateful. Makes a change from the usual UGS they have on the show - like RUTH BADGER. Although when I texted that to my mate Steve, he wrote back "Badger not without her charm." Jesus Christ.

So Good news everyone, I'm going to be back ON AIR! SW1 Radio, as of April. And, they have an FM licence now so it won't just be available online. Exciting stuff. I love doing radio and I love my listener. Only joking, I had 9 once. I'll keep you updated as and when this show will be. EXCITING! I love doing SW1 radio, playing music and talking are my favourite two things in the world. WOOH. Hey I really hate it when people put Wooh, like this "WOOP." Its stupid.

Oh and I got my mocha sony erriccson phone upgrade. Its like the size of nano so I'm bound to lose it.

There's an article in the Sun today about a pregnant man. Blee. But really its not a pregnant man. Its a man who was once a woman and who has a womb thing. Anyway, I don't believe its true. I can puff my stomach out to a 7 month stance and all thats in me is beer and chips. So, who wants to go out with me? Come on, form an orderly queue.



Nick said...

WOOP! What excellent news about the radio show. Can't wait.

I was briefly one of the Diggins 9. Yeah, we should have a name for the 9 listeners, like the Oceanic 6 in Lost.

Leanne Diggins said...

I knew you'd be pleased!


BTW my 9 figure was reached by the amount of emails I received on one particular show so...there could have been some secret listeners!