Monday, 10 March 2008

Go on, take everything, take everything I want you to.

So! Bit of a weird week. I went to visit my sister last tuesday for a few days and it was nice and relaxing and I did walking and trying not exceed my points on Weight Watchers. Its really good to become obsessed with something like eating cause it takes my mind off smoking. Day 17 people. Day 17. Thats right, I am infact, amazing. I mustn't become too obsessed cause otherwise I might develop Anorexia Nervosa and thats the last thing I want! I am supposed to have 20 points a day which is like really little amounts. On the first day I accidently ate 41 points. Thanks alot WINE. And Duck Wrap and Garlic bread. After this hiccup I was back on the straight and narrow. My nephew is nice, he's really heavy but very sweet. I sung him "Alice the Camel" putting Alex in where the Alice is and it went down a storm.

Saturday night I went out in Clapham and ended up in the dive the Clapham Grand. I was very drunk, and met a nice lad called Pete. Pete is an honourable name. He was telling me that he'd lost 7 stone, on a positive note this means that he won't have anything against chubbers so until I make target weight I'm quite safe.

Here is a video of me and my contented tummy. I am aware that it is bulbous.

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