Monday, 31 March 2008

They say, be brave, there's a right way and a wrong way. This pain won't last forever. (This pain won't last forever)

Ah I had a really nice weekend. Friday I went out with Evie and Caroline to the Oxford Arms and Wagadada's. I drank Saki and I didn't like it much. I think I embarrassed Evie too. When the waiter came over to ask how our dinner was, I'd cleaned my plate so I was thinking, isn't it obvious? So told him it was "Vile." Evie's cheeks went all pink. She sweet. She bought me some "Gumbo mix" from New Orleans and some "Dirty Rice" whatever that is.... The Dirty Rice does actually look dirty. I shan't be eating it unless I'm drunk.
Saturday I went to see my Nannie who is in the home. She's very ill and we have been told to be "Be Prepared". She wasn't looking too well, and her hair was greasy so I did dry shampooing of it and put moisturiser on her face. There's no reason for her not to look nice. The man who always tries to attack me in the home was there looking all menacing, but he didn't try anything I think they must've changed his medication.

We then went to Bluewater which my mum and dad just sprang on me. (I was in a filthy mood and I would have proper kicked off had I known before setting off, so this was wise of them) But when we got there, it was like Dreamland or Bem Bom Brothers of Margate and I loved it! All of those "hoodies" exposed. I bought three sharp knives from Lakeland and a rolling pin and mixing bowls and I was all domestic goddess like. Then we went to Ed's diner (definitely starting on Weight Watchers again at Camden BTW) and I had a massive burger, my dad had a BIG BUBBA.
That night I stayed in and did baking of an apple pie which was for Sunday Roast the following day. Is there no end to my talents? I accidently ate a quarter of it but still....
Sunday was ACE. I completely forgot about the clocks going forward but not to worry things were still great. I did roast leg of lamb for my pals. Here are some pictures of our smug faces.






All in all it were ACE!

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Katie Fraser said...

Ha! ha! Loving the piccies of you and your friends having Sunday roast! Well Done sweetie! I'm crap at cooking, maybe you can give me tips!

I love Bluewater too! It's great isnt it? Am going again to it on the 29th of this month! Yay!

I love the Lakeland they have there, and the other shops are cool! Did you try the milkshakes they have in Ed's Diner? They are devine and the mint one is the best! You should try the ither shops they have there! Maybe we could go together!