Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I've been talking drunken gibberish......

I am so hungover. I did drinking for 9 hours yesterday at the Wake. This equated to around TEN pints and 3 Woo Woo cocktails. I only ate a little bit of buffet to appear lady like so as you can imagine things were pretty messy.

We ended up in the Langley Bar in Covent Garden and I was battered. I made a huge cock of myself again - I'm sensing a pattern here. I'm hoping I'll be given the chance to redeem myself after last night's performance but I suspect that the jig is up and the company I kept yesterday is running for the hills as I type this.

The funeral was a lovely one, but also very very sad. Collin leaves behind three small children and it was heartbreaking to see the oldest boy (Think he's about 5) skipping into the church fully not comprehending the enormity of the situation. I played with the kids for a bit at the wake but then I realised I was pretty pissed and I might drop one of 'em or something so skulked off.

I'm taking tomorrow off in order to have a nice 5 day break. Friday I'm going on the Thames Clipper with my pal James which I am very much looking forward to. Saturday I have a party and sunday I will see Ma and Pa.

I can barely see the screen today so please forgive any errors I've made on this blog and also for the fact that its quite boring.

Please enjoy your Easters.

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