Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Don't let them put you down. I won't let them put you down. You're as good as the rest and you're much better dressed....

I've had another fake tan disaster. Although to the naked eye I simply appear more orange than usual, my face has actually been carefully painted over again to hide the leopard print effect which has occured owing to my skin being so dry and old lady like. You'd think it would be better now I've given up smoking! I blame my bedroom being all dry. Bedroom, its your fault. I'm going to get one of those humidifiers. When I wake up, I feel like my face might crack if I were to smile. But then why would I be smiling when I have to get up to go to work? Just as well I've nothing to smile about then eh.... :-)

Back in December I got asked to be in this documentary on Channel 4 about people who are going to try and lose weight in the old fashioned way. In the end I turned down this "fabulous" offer and I'm bloody glad now. Watched it last night. CRINGE. I also learnt the other day that the fabulous documentary I was in called "How to get lucky with Leanne" broadcast on BBC3 in 2005 is being shown on HOMECHOICE and I'm on the promo for it! What the? At least its relevant now being that I'm single. But still.... Embarrassment. See these documentaries, they haunt you.

I'm REALLY enjoying my job at the moment, having loads to get my teeth stuck into and really nice people all around. Its ace. Also its good telly on tonight. You got "Relocation Relocation" on at 8pm, followed by my favourite "The Apprentice" and then the new series of "Desperate Housewives" at 10pm. Although I'm not overly keen on the latter it does give me something to go to sleep to. No my absolute fave is "The Apprentice". I love Mr Sugar. I remember reading a story about him once where he signed the birthday card to his long term wife, as "Happy Birthday, Love Sir Alan Sugar". Haahaa.


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