Thursday, 20 March 2008

So maybe you loved me and now maybe you don't, and maybe you'll call me, and maybe you won't.

Praise the lord, cats and BT man Paul, for I now have internet at home. Life is good.

I just got the voiceover I did back from MTV all spruced up with music and animations and they've made my voice even deeper (if thats possible). I sound transgender (no offence). And I don't like it.

So today I've been doing chores. I Cilit-Banged my bathroom and it was tough. Thanks alot BARRY (Scott).

I got an email from an old pal of mine and they had used a word I hate. TAD. Here is a list of my most hated words. Please don't ever email me using them.


If there are any words you hate please feel free to comment.

So I've finally got over my nobbish behaviour of the Wake on tuesday. Wake's are always dark drink-wise. Like I went to one when I was 21 cause my pal James Maynard had died. And I was so drunk my last memory was rolling around in the pub function room's garden with two greyhounds, feeling their noses to see if they were wet. When I discovered they were dry as a bone I launched myself on the unsuspecting revellers/mourners (cause lets face it, its mixed emotions at these things) in the function room demanding to know who the two dogs belonged to cause their noses were dry which meant they were ill. Leanne Diggins, crazy old psycho or animal do-gooder?

I'm currently listening to the show I presented on SW1 and I actually dedicate a song to dead Steve Irwin of Australia Zoo fame. I am so cool.

Tonight I was supposed to have a date but I've cancelled, I plan to do some more cillit banging instead. Tomorrow tiz Thames Clipper fun, Saturday partay, sunday drinks with a friend and Monday rolling around. OR maybe I'll go for a walk. Who knows.

Easter is well boring now ain't it. The only year I ever remember doing something was when I was a lovable rogue of around 14 and we went on an easter egg hunt. At this time I had a penchant for stealing mars bars from my local chemist. One day I stole a pair of sunglasses and felt really criminal-ly. I lost those glasses on the easter egg hunt. I knew that that was instant karma and never stole again. Except a protractor but I needed that for school so it don't count.

Much love to all of you. Even you.


Heather said...

front bottom,
I hate that, I mean I hate the term not the meaning.

Leanne Diggins said...

See I like it. The term, not the meaning.

I wish we were going for pork scratchings tonight. :-(

Nancy said...

Tad? As in "just a tad?" or am I being stupid?

I don't like the word "moist", or when people refer to girls as "split arses" thats quite bad.

Leanne Diggins said...

Yeah tad as in "Just a tad". Middle aged women say it thinking they're being WITH IT and also pikeys on Jeremy Kyle.

Yeah moist is horrid. Thats joins the list! x

Katie Fraser said...

I hate the terms used to describe disabled people. Words that have a "Z" in them.Phrases that are common I dont understand why people use them.

Have a good Easter honey, hope it is good for you. Enjoy your time with your family.

Nick said...

People saying they are "on a journey" when they are not actually going anywhere.

I work in IT and I hear that kind of rubbish all the time. Last week I was told the purpose of a meeting I was attending was "just for some face time". What the hell is face time? Is that something they have in pornos?

Leanne Diggins said...

haaaahaaaa! Face time? That is definitely going on my list!