Friday, 21 March 2008

You'll speak when you're spoken to.

Agggh insomnia hit last night and I ended up watching this awful film called Champion. I didn't really get what the deal was, I mean this man was a boxer and then it was almost as if they weren't sure how to get to the end of the story (not that there was one) so he suddenly just died of brain damage after a fight. It was abrupt.

I do like a bit of boxing. I like boxing and I like darts. I'm pretty good at darts if I say so myself. I love watching the finals on TV at Lakeside. What a bunch of pikeys ,with sovereigns so big I'm surprised they can lift their arms joyously to flap their bingo wings. NB: Pikey=chav where I come from, NOT gipsy. Us Orpingtoners know the score.

Talking of bingo wings, I was disturbed to watch Eastenders last night only to discover that MINTY AND HEATHER seem to be taking the comp too far and have been looking like their gonna get it on. Gutted Minty. Haaa. His face when he would've got that script. Haa haa. Gary's mum is much better. Wow I sound like an avid Eastenders fan, not at all. Its just so easy to follow! Like Hollyoaks. But I actually like Hollyoaks. Specially Max.

Right looks like Thames Clipper fun is cancelled. James didn't realise they don't run on bank holidays (wank holidays more like). We're still meeting though but its not the same as bobbing along on the ocean wave.....

Just had a phone call from a pal about another wanker comedy promotor. Not sure if you promotors realise this, but you do need some social skills. Ok thats it for now.



Michael said...

Do you watch the Mitchell and Webb Look? It just came to us stateside and I think it's genius.

Leanne Diggins said...

I want to marry Mitchell. But only Peep Show wise.