Thursday, 28 February 2008

Now tell me what you saw, tell me what you saw.

What the? Hollyoaks has merged into real life. "Summer" from Hollyoaks is really going to play "Maria" in the sound of music. And her name is Summer and she really is in it cause I saw a poster today on the tube. Does that mean that "OB"(her beau) is real? If so, I had a dream about him the other day and I am now hopeful that this will also merge into real life. Imagine that! Me going out with OB! We could double date with Max and Steph. Although I suspect I would hate Steph.

I forgot to tell you my good news! I'vee been promoted at MTV. As of April 1st I will be Channel Operations Manager for NORTHERN EUROPE. (This is for 7 channels no less.) Impressed are you? You should be.

I went out on a date last night and it was ok. I really must stop mentioning that I have a blog on dates - it was pleasant enough. We had two drinks and I didn't SMOKE. Thats right. Impressed are you? You should be.

In the next couple of weeks I am going out on a non-date, with an old friend on the Thames Clipper no less. He was quite bothered that I didn't mention this in my blog - so much so that he reprimanded me on Facebook demanding to know why this information was not included. So! Here it is. I am going on the Thames Clipper and I intend to have a great time.

I have yet to check that linkage driver thing on my laptop. I'm putting it off I think, what a chore! Tonight I won't have time either because I'm meeting Heatherly Beverley for a drink in my local. (There's a one-eyed cat in my local and a puppy)

Talking of cats my friend told me that her pal is so obsessed with cleaning that she cleans her cats paws with wet wipes whenever the cat comes in from being outside. Cats are the cleanest animals there are. Their tongue is the water and their paws are the sponge. Everyone knows that.

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