Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I swear I never meant for this...

Karaoke was loads of fun & I was by far the BEST singer in the pub. Everything was going really well up until I decided to give them some Tenacious D and "Tribute" - and this Bromley crowd looked perplexed. I can sing it word perfect even down to the "shiny being's" grunt/pig snort. They genuinely looked a bit scared. Not to worry, I redeemed myself with some Abba.
I drank far too much and was more drunk than I have been in a while/week.

My hangover the next day was EXTRA evil, also I slipped up on the smoking and had 4-5 fags. (I'm back on the wagon again now - day 4). It was extra depressing because I was in Orpington and I had to thrash out my hangover in my old single bed at my parent's house. Whenever I end up in my old room, in my single bed I always feel a sense of failure. Specially when I'm suffering the same hangovers I did over ten years ago, as a single lady. But instead of being 19 I'm 29. Depressing.

When my hangover started to cease my dad took me back to Greenwich for I had a date with the Pictures and JUNO. One of my friends did pre-warn me that the language and delivery in this, is similar to 'Dawson's Creek' ("Don't burst my perspex bubble, Dawson!"). She said that I would eventually get over this factor - for the language in Dawsons Creek angers me greatly. I did sort of get over it, but Juno did SLIGHTLY irritate me. However I really did enjoy the film and the actor Michael Cera was so good in it that it prompted me to buy and watch Superbad the following day. Which was ACE.

That night (saturday) I was woken at 1:30am by someone DRINKING AND DIALLING me. yeah! Haven't had that for ages! I was a bit too scared to answer it but on reflection it would have been ok, cause the caller was calling from Norwich. 01603 was the area code. So thus they'd never have been able to get to me in time to attack me. Who could it be? A man scorned? Someone who secretly loves me but simply cannot say? I'll never know. How exciting.

Sunday was spent doing chores and watching the Hollyoaks Omnibus. I also went to Canary Wharf shopping with my new pull along shopping trolley. I was unsure as to whether this made me look quirky or simply nobbish.

This week I don't have loads planned. Tonight tiz fake tan time! Tomorrow I have a date. I have said to the (lucky) guy that there is a two drink rule. As in even if we like each other I just wanna do two drinks cause if I don't like him its really hard to escape from these things. He has agreed and we have been chatting on Email and he seems very pleasant. Another guy emailed me and asked me if I wanted to play a game! And I replied "Yes, so long as its not the game, 'Lets All Murder Leanne'..."

Till next time.


Joe Sorry said...

hello. make sure you take protection just in case. if he wants to play the murder game you'll need a gun.

bye for today

joe sorry

Leanne Diggins said...

Good thinking! x