Thursday, 14 February 2008

Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm...

So Happy Valentines Day one and all! I'm very much looking forward to tonight's escapades. The theme is a traffic light affair (which I have informed the manager we shan't be getting involved in). What happens is, people who are "up for it" wear GREEN....then AMBER if you're not sure and red as in NO THANKS. So why would you be out boogying on V-day without partner if you're not up for it? And what exactley is "it"? One of the girls in our party has accidently worn a green jumper to work today. Accident my arse. Most others are wearing black to appear mysterious.

So I had my date last night and it was very pleasant. When the date ended I genuinely thought, "how pleasant, I didn't sense much feeling there but how very grown up of us and what a thoroughly nice/good looking guy." AND I walked off and didn't stagger. I didn't think I'd hear from him again but he has contacted me today to ask for another date saying he had a great time - and like Molly says "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" so I have accepted. I feel all grown up. Thats probably because I'm nearly thirty. Well, I will be in September.

I have already started to plan the party. The theme is "My Super Sweet Sixteen" which is a programme on MTV. But obviously this will be "My super sweet thirtieth" and I'm going to film a spoof of the show before-hand in the build up. Like.... Screaming at my mum for not letting me have the dress I wanted from Primark and also filming me handing out the invites to all my friends. Showing their eager faces as they all hope that I might invite them and so on. If you've not seen this programme on MTV you're missing out.

The next MTV programme to come out is Kerry Katona's documentary "Crazy in Love". Unfortunately, there's a guy who sits behind me at work who of late has been recording from the rushes for this show, Kerry saying things like "Get your arse downstairs NOW!" onto a little tiny tape recorder...... and then stuffing them into cuddly teddys, no doubt as a "prize" for some lucky viewers. Its very annoying. She looks like a mental case on the show so I'm sure the viewing figures will be sky high.

I've taken tomorrow off work WOO HOO. And I have my Tesco delivery coming woooh clanky clanky! YEAH! What a saddo I am. Friday I've a date in Greenwich and Saturday night I'm out in Bromley because my mate Lisa is escaping to Spain.

We're going to a bar I haven't been to since new year 2004/5. One of the worst new year's of my LIFE. When it came to the count down at midnight I'd just ordered a load of drinks and I had a tray and had lost my friends. Everyone was chanting 10! 9! 8! 7! and so on... and I couldn't even do that cause I had a big heavy tray and then everyone was all cuddling and that and I couldn't find my friends or drop the tray. I vowed I wouldn't go back there but here I am, 3 years on doing just that. I hope the same thing doesn't happen again....

Enjoy the weekend ladies and gents.

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