Tuesday, 12 February 2008

And its you when I look in the mirror...

Whats with the mist? Its so depressing, much like the book "The Fog" by James Herbert. I'm so looking forward to when spring has sprung, its gonna be ace.

So, everything seems to be going ok with the dating thing. I have one on Wednesday and one on Friday. Wednesday's is an animal lover. I think animal lovers are the way forward because they have less murdering-tendancies which is always a bonus. Murderers are SUCH nightmares. I'm not sure what the protocal is with this dating malarky. Are you supposed to exclusively date? I think thats silly. I mean look at the Americans I mean, when someone asks them out they say "Sure!" I've seen this countless times.

I dunno, maybe I've watched too much Sex And The City. I watched the entire box set and I have to say it was ok. It gets boring when Carrie says things like "Meanwhile across town, Samantha was getting some monkey loving of her own." When really Samantha is just having sex. She's always talking in riddles is Carrie Bradshaw. Also I dislike that when she walks down Manhatten..... she walks, then jogs, then walks then Jogs all the while clutching her er....clutch bag. Sometimes she turns in a circle whilst gazing up at the sky all in awe-like. It makes me cringe. Imagine if I did that walking down Camden Town. Why, I'd look like a mental case.

I think that about Eastenders too. I don't really watch it much. I stopped watching it when me and my old flat mate Katie, got a bit too into it and would often have the discussion "Minty or Den". (Dirty, not little Den - obviously if it was little Den, he'd win hands down). And then when she chose Minty over Den I thought, right enough of this silliness. CLICK and off went Eastenders, (sort of) forever. But yeah Eastenders. I know the storylines are totally unrealistic as with their large town house homes etc... BUT when they have a dialogue say in someone's house and one of the people in the conversation are just looking out the window and still speaking to the other person who's on the sofa its SO weird.

I mean, imagine if I was chatting to my friend round my house and I just went to the window and gazed out of it forlornly and started saying "I remember when I was 5 and I would go and get an ice cream srewball from the ice cream van and blah blah blah etc" wouldn't my firend think I was really strange? I think so. They should address that. Eastenders, you should address that.

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