Wednesday, 20 February 2008

You go back to her and I'll go back to...

I am SO ill! I have a common cold and also a chest thing going on and a hacking cough. Its evil. I got it on Friday and its got progressively worse as the days have dragged on.

But lets not bore you too much with my illness and disease. Let me take you all on a journey of the last few days in my life. Thursady night (V-Day Fun Night) was spent having a jolly time in Covent Garden. In the end there was only 5 of us! Caroline Clifford was busy PUKING everywhere and Hev and Kerry had other excuses but the rest of us went for it in style. The place Guanabara (I think thats how you spell it) is very much like a Butlins. Not that theres anything wrong with Butlins, but scenes such as this one below would indicate an incredibly Butlinsy feel. And you wouldn't be wrong.

We left Butlins and headed for a disco in Covent Garden. This was better however there was a large amount of men out ALONE. I could see their point. There were many a gaggle of women out in droves too, so I'm pretty sure many got lucky. My friend Karen met this absolute NOB in the disco we went to after, known only as "cardigan man". He was a right cock. When I left, cardi man had some other victim pinned up against the wall. If you're reading this cardigan man you are a cock.

Men actually seemed to be wearing very feminine clothes... For example in Butlins there was a man with bulging biceps yet sporting a ladies blouse. We spent many a laugh trying to snap him in the back ground.

In the end he spotted us and happily posed. Not sure if he realised that it was to laugh at his Top Shop Top, but hey, they always come around in the end. Ah great days.

Look how happy he is to be next to me.
So all was fun on the night and we didn't get bitter or anything, I then rounded the night off with a Fillet O Fish in McDonalds. I love em. Why ON EARTH do Macdonalds not deliver? See how I've written McDonalds two different ways? This is because I'm not sure which spelling is correct.
Friday I had the day off, and of course a massive massive hangover. THANKS ALOT COCKTAILS
Friday night was date time. I was so looking forward to this date and I have to be careful what I write cause I accidently told him that I write a blog and there's a danger of him stalking me on Google and then coming across the blog. Come on now, we've all done it. So, what I will say is, it was nice date and I did much drinking and I think we got on ok but it may well have been Mr WINE talking. I don't think we had the same sense of humour, and I'm not sure if that will work for me. I think he liked me though... God what a big head I am. I'm just saying! Thats the impression I got. Anyway I'm going to date others and see what happens. One thing I have noticed is that my decade of career moves seem to be quite impressive to others and its made me feel a bit more worthy about myself so that can't be bad can it? Unless I turn into a woman with a huge head and have to squish through doors as I shout "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'M A BIG HEAD"
Saturday I stayed in as my illness fell upon me. Sunday I stayed in as my illness began to envelope me. Monday I stayed in as my illness engulfed me. Tuesday I stayed in as my illness ate me.
Sleep has been extra evil or lack of it. On Sunday night I couldn't sleep but remembered that my pal Anthony presents a show on LBC 1-5am so I texted him to see if he was gonna be on just before hand and he texted straight back to say "Yep" and then gave me a lovely "hello." Nice man.
So I've ceased smoking! I know! Not bad eh? I'm not going to be smelly anymore and much more attractive to people. How cool is that? I know.

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