Friday, 22 February 2008

Just cause you're raising the bet and call the shots now...on me.... OOOOH!

Can't believe its friday already. Probably cause I spent two of the days this week in my SICK BED. Thats right - and I'm still SICK. (But not sick as in good - Sick as in bad.) Thats right. Cause you care don't you. Is anyone actually reading this blog? No-one comments anymore - can you please comment. Even if its just to put "COMMENT." Then I know that my innane ramblings aren't falling on blind eyes.

Tonight I have karaoke as discussed in yesterday's blog, Saturday I expect I shall visit my Nannie and then Saturday night I'm going to the Pictures to see "Juno". One of my friends highly recommended it to me in the week. She said she cried throughout. Just what I need. A good cry. Can't remember the last time I did that. I'm like "Johnny 5" me. "Why are my eyes leaking?" I say to my baffled friends. And then we all laugh.

I'm in a funny mood today. Don't really wanna talk about the dating thing cause I might be being stalked by a date-ee.... (not in a physical way but in an internet way) I will have another update on this date thing next week when I've "taken care of business" as the American's say.

I will also have some very good news next week which I can't divulge now as its top secret but next week I will reveal all. Not all! But some.

I'm going back to the gym next week cause by then I will be feeling BETTER, so... I can do some pumping of iron etc...and making of my fat disappear.

Ok just a short one today - Have a good weekendo.


secret squirrel said...

I'm reading and i will start leaving comments...perhaps along the lines of- EVE WOZ ERE just so you will know that the whole "blind eyes" thing is not happening.

xox eve xox

Anonymous said...

...and I'm reading...

Nick x

Leanne Diggins said...

Ah thank you my trusty pals! x

Joe Sorry said...

Johnny 5 is alive!!!!